Zwesta SA can’t get enough of Miss Tweggy

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Zwesta SA can’t get enough of Miss Tweggy DJ Zwesta


Langalakhe Mabena

It’s all about chemistry!

It seems like South Africa’s East London-based house music producer Zwelihle Mathe, otherwise known as DJ Zwesta SA, can’t resist the talent and prowess of KwaZulu-Natal-bred songstress Miss Tweggy.

The two created a smash hit, Lashona Ilanga, early this year and it took Southern Africa by storm. As if that was not enough, the pair has once again joined forces on a new single for December titled Lengoma.

It is produced by Zwesta himself with Kwande Cakatha playing the saxophone while the vocal Queen Miss Tweggy complements the production with her smooth vocals.

Said Zwesta SA: “After she approached me to work on the single Lashona Ilanga, I developed a relationship with Miss Tweggy because when she recorded the vocals, I realised she was the missing piece of the puzzle on what I need in my production.

“She told me her desires of working with me and today I am proud to have unearthed such a talent, because after our first project we both agreed to make the relationship a long term one leading to the birth of the recent single Lengoma.”

Miss Tweggy has since been signed under Zwesta Empire Records.

As Zwesta SA was supposed to release his much-anticipated album this year, the producer says that his new deal with Africori, one of the giant music distributors in Africa, had made him postpone the release of his first album.

“I will no longer be releasing my first album this year because I have managed to collaborate with Africori Distributors, and we have come up with an agreement to drop the album next year,” says Zwesta SA.

Meanwhile, Zwesta says they have shot Lashona Ilanga video and it would première on 1 November on Channel O, Trace Africa and MTV Base. 

The video, which was shot in Soweto was cinematographed and edited by award winning video editor Kyle Brown who has worked with the likes of Hip-Hop giant Casper Nyovest, Speedsta, Nadia Nakai, to mention a few. 

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