Zwesta, Otis Ngwabi combine forces

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Zwesta, Otis Ngwabi combine forces DJ Zwesta


Langalakhe Mabena
After releasing his smarsh hit Lashon’Ilanga which took Southern Africa by storm, Zwelihle “DJ Zwesta SA” Mathe has once again masterminded another fine tune titled Buyisela.

This time around he managed to rope in Bulawayo-born veteran Afro-pop maestro Otis Ngwabi.

With both artistes having visible footprints on the South African music scene and having a common Bulawayo background, the script to the collaboration was never the common one of “boys” from the same hood doing a song together. Infact, they both never knew each other or their common City of Kings background.

Zwesta SA revealed that the single was an unplanned baby. “I have a friend of mine who told me he wants to introduce me to a singer he wanted me to work with. He brought Otis to the studio and I literally didn’t recognise him, and we just chilled and never intended to do a song.

“After about a month, another lady requested I meet Otis and do a song with him. I met with the lady and to my surprise she was with Otis, and that’s when i recalled he was the crooner who was a darling of many during my childhood,” said Zwesta. It’s never a walk in the park for Afro-pop artistes to blend in with a House music instrumental and DJ Zwesta explained how they managed to perfect the offering.

“Working with an Afro-Pop creative comes with many challenges mostly psychological. They mostly try to execute with overloaded vocals which in House music doesn’t work as the beat will be already heavy with instrumentation.

“With Otis we tried the song three times for it to be perfect. He is patient and talented in song writing and his vocals are fireworks. I also played my part in mastering and we were both satisfied with the final composition and decided to release it,” Zwesta said.

As he was set to release his much anticipated album mid-year, Zwesta SA has since cancelled his plans due to the outbreak of the deadly Covid 19 pandemic.

Instead he will be releasing singles on digital music stores to keep fans in tune with his music.

“I had planned to release my album mid-year but I have since frozen it because of the unfortunate and unexpected Corona outbreak. Instead, I will be releasing a couple of singles on different online music sites,” he said.

Buyisela is Zwesta SA’s first project to work with a male vocalist, after woking with former Iyasa member Nkwali on Rafiki, Yasirah Bhelz on We Rise Again and Miss Twaggy on Lashon’ Ilanga and Lengoma.

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