Young Stunna, promoters apologise ……after crooner performs only 15 minutes

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Young Stunna, promoters apologise  ……after crooner performs only 15 minutes Young Stunna


Langalakhe Mabena

Events didn’t go according to the script!

South African award-winning AmaPiano muso Young Stunna (real name Sandile Msimango) has apologised to his local loyal fans after his set was cut short and performed for only 15 minutes on stage, due to technical glitches at The Boundary on Sunday.

Initially, Young Stunna who was appearing in the city for the second time was booked to perform for 30 minutes, with a possibility of adding more minutes if he felt the vibe and positive energy from revellers.

Through his manager Sandile Masondo, Young Stunna said he regretted that the show didn’t go as planned.

“This was not how we wanted things to be. We all tried our best for the show to be successful. We wish that the issue was handled in a better way but emotions took a toll leading to Stunna abandoning the stage due to sound glitches. We are very sorry,” said Masondo.

Davison Feliate who is Fife Street Events media and marketing manager said that every show they held was a learning curve and so was the Young Stunna gig.

“Every show that we host we try to make things perfect at the same time we are open to learning and from the Young Stunna show we also had to learn. As Fife Street Events management we want to say we are sorry to our loyal clients who always support our initiatives.

“We admit there was a technical glitch which Young Stunna couldn’t handle but we want to give respect to the mature revellers who were in attendance who didn’t throw missiles on stage when the things went south.

“We will try by all means to make sure such a mistake doesn’t occur in other events that we will be hosting in the city in the festive season,” said Feliate.

What really happened in the show?

Young Stunna took to the stage at 1am. He managed to perform a few songs including his latest smash hit Seng’zwile and Sete which is a collaborative effort with K.O and Blackie.

The sound went off when he was just heating up, having fans eating from his palms.

The sound glitch led Young Stunna to vacate the stage.

Thirty minutes after the incident happened, many still hoped that he would return once the glitch had been fixed and continue with his performance, unfortunately Young Stunna didn’t return.

 Angry outbursts echoed around the venue but, credit has to be given to the mature crowd as they didn’t resort to violence.

Also, credit has to be given to local artistes who performed before the South African as they did a superb job to warm up the stage for him.

DJ Liz, Nospa, King 98, Asaph and Ganyaz Jr held their own, and the mood before the main performance was electric. Harare-based King 98 shared the stage with Asaph and Ganyaz Jr setting the bar very high for the main act. 

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