Young Reece reflects on lifestyle and career

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Young Reece reflects on lifestyle and career Young Reece


Bubelo Moyo

Bulawayo’s rap-son Reece says 2019 was a tough year both in the arts and his own personal life, and he hopes for the best in 2020.

The perpetual sour souvenir of missing out on awards has been an issue that doesn’t fade easily for local artistes but with the nascent Reece, the dust has been quivered off with his latest EP release. 

Bulawayo’s A Reece look-alike and sound-alike, Edwin Mackavel “Young Reece” Ndlovu is off and running in 2020 with an EP dubbed, Evil runs loose every day and night, inspired by bad ways and immorality.

Even the Bible has it that Saul had his Damascus moment, resurrecting as Paul; the same can be said of the young rapper who has chosen to educate fans through his six-track extended play.

The younger Reece told B-Metro Entertainment last year that he was going back to school with a reason.  

“I dropped out of school in pursuit of music but hell no, I was crazy, I had to reinvent myself and at a point of self actualisation I saw my potential that I was capable of juggling both, school and music.

Once a school dropout, Reece has passed his O-levels and ready for the next level.

Young Reece is known as a rowdy and unruly kid on the block, beefing up with big names like Cal Vin at some point, using drugs, partying and hanging out with different girls.

“I was exposed to the most dangerous drugs, hanging out with different girls, it seemed cool by then but I soon realised that I was gambling with my own life and career. I’m not turning back, hence the song Evil runs loose every day and night.

“2019 been a rough year for me both in the arts industry and my personal life,” said Young Reece.

Basically the EP tells the story of a young troubled boy who has reckoned and changed for the better.

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