Young prophetess take city by storm

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Young prophetess take city by storm Prophetess Bongy


Gibson Mhaka

PICTURE this: While lying on a hospital bed, hovering between life and death and your family guaranteeing you that an evangelist is coming to sustain you and you see a young and pint-sized woman approaching your sickbed, apparently, instead of heaving a sigh of relief, your hope of being rescued might plummet. 

The insidious doubt or lack of faith is not because she is a woman but her stature and age.

This is one of the daily struggles being faced by a 21-year-old Bulawayo-based prophetess Sibonginkosi Sibanda fondly known as Prophetess Bongy who has become the talk of the city with her prophetic and healing powers. 

Her demonstration of the power of God has seen hundreds of people flocking to Restoration Church International, a church which she attends.

Speaking to B-Metro, Prophetess Bongy said the story of her life was one filled with inspiration, trials, triumphs and guidance for people of all ages and times.

It is, however, her age, coupled with her astounding prophetic healing powers that have generated some interest and sent tongues wagging across Bulawayo.

“It is through the power of God that I pray and heal people. My life is about fasting and praying, worshipping the Lord day and night. I know my purpose and I don’t want anyone’s opinions or comments to keep me from it,” said Prophetess Bongy.

She is not like most young women of her age. Instead, she was chosen to share her faith to as many people as she could.

“I am a woman who believes in limitless possibilities rooted and grounded in the things of the Lord. I received my calling in 2017 when my brother opened his ministry,” she said.

Prophetess Bongy said although many doubting Thomasses were yet to come to terms with her gifts of preaching and healing she has so far experienced many positives that far outweigh the negatives.

Asked on people who cast doubt over her miracle healing gifts as a young prophetess, she said: “Even large trees can succumb to unseen fungus. It’s the same with faith —if you let doubt grow, it can rot spiritual roots until you topple.”

She went on to support her words with a Biblical verse in the book of Joel chapter 2v 28-30 which says people of all ages shall have the power of prophecy.

Apart from the gift of the spirit, Prophetess Bongy is also a musician and has four albums under her belt — Methembenjalo, Sweet Jesus, My Miracle and Mhepo Yengirozi.

Although she remains largely unknown in music circles, Prophetess Bongy has performed at Intwasa Festival, Mega Schools Festival and Gospel Live Festival.

She has also worked with renowned gospel musicians such as Mathias Mhere and Faith Mucha, a sizzling lead vocalist with ZimPraise. Prophetess Bongy is the only girl in what was a family of three children before losing one of her brothers.

She was born on 29 August 1997 at the United Bulawayo Hospitals. She attended Waterford Primary School for her primary education and Tennyson Hlabangana High School for her Ordinary and Advanced levels.

The young prophetess who is studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies with Zimbabwe Open University said her family was fully supported her as a young minister of the word.

“For those who want to know more about my life as a young minister of the word, I will be hosting a live streaming event on 3 August at our church where people will be asking me any question about my life and experiences as a young prophetess,” she said.

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