You can be sober this holiday

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You can be sober this holiday


IT’S holiday time and I know some have planned to knock themselves dead with intoxicating substances. With schools closed our experimental students of science will be working on their new concoctions to keep the rhythm on, as most of their last season users would have reached tolerance level on the previous drug concoctions. Be safe, do not indulge and stay as far as you can from such crowds.

Life’s greatest moments are enjoyed while one is sober, whoever says they are enjoyed while drunk is lying to you.

You are using drugs or drinking too much and you’re having problems in school, at home, at work or in relationships.

You go out with your friends and come home drunk once in a while or you have a few beers at night. Maybe you’ve had fights with your girlfriend, wife, parents or friends while you’ve been drinking or under the influence of drugs. Your schoolwork or your job performance has suffered. Maybe you’ve dropped out of school or lost a job.

This is a critical moment for you! While you’re not really addicted, perhaps you’re not really motivated to get fully sober. Before things go any further, you need to take stock of your circumstances now. One of the ways people finally break with addiction and go to rehab is when they look at the person they have become, the things they have already lost — and they no longer want to live that way. Then they find a rehab or ask family to help them. You have the chance to do that now, before you are locked in that prison,or psychiatric ward or death bed.

It will take remarkable honesty to look at what you have lost already and where that path will inevitably lead you. Many people have made this examination and decided to get clean on their own while they could. Really look at the condition of those who have been using drugs or drinking longer or harder than you — perhaps the people who sell you drugs. What have they lost? What shape are they in? Do you want to be like them?

If you need it, get some support. Ask your closest sober friends, girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse, or family. Talk to your minister if you are a member of a church. It’s almost certain you will have to leave drug-using friends behind at this time. But the rewards will be worth it.

Desire to be sober this holiday. 

For help and more information call or WhatsApp 00263772399734 or email [email protected] for professional help from an accredited drug prevention and rehabilitation specialist, accredited addictions professional  counsellor, accredited adolescents counsellor. Join the Rechabites for drug free healthy and productive communities.

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