WOMEN’S FORUM: Happily lock each other down

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WOMEN’S FORUM: Happily lock each other down


Nhlalwenhle Ncube

IT’S lockdown time and one would expect couples to be happy that they will have quality time with each other, but social media is full of negative comments. Within a few days, it’s surprising that most couples are just fed up with each other. This is the time to bond and bring back the sparkle in relationships because you rarely find such time when you get to be grounded together for too long.

During this time, try to do away with negativity and arguments. What a testing time! Have it in mind that you would like to be one of the last standing couples who made it during the lockdown. If you are not careful and fail to compromise in your relationship, lockdown will leave you heartbroken while some couples will be much closer than before. Sadly, in China divorce rate drastically shot up during quarantine as couples are spending too much time together at home. Lessons must be learnt from this and everyone has a role to play to keep each other happy during lockdown.

Remember those days when you could not get enough of each other. Find activities to keep you occupied and do not concentrate on each other’s weaknesses as they will definitely spoil the mood. Spending one-on-one time with your partner is very important when it comes to keeping your relationship healthy and alive. This is a unique time because people are usually sucked into their work and other activities, neglecting their relationships. Now it’s time to spoil each other, it’s an investment that will pay back with increased happiness.

You can do a variety of activities at home with your partner during the coronavirus pandemic so that you avoid boredom at home.  Find activities to do at home to help pass the time.

Giving each other massages, doing crosswords or puzzles together, re-arranging your furniture, and taking baths together are just a few examples of creative things couples can do together at home. Give each other at-home massages and it will make you have fun and relax.

Light candles to set the mood and use lotions to make the massages feel legit. You will both feel relieved and closer after the experience. Of course sex is not the only activity and some women within five days are already tired and complaining that they have already had enough of it. To avoid boredom, be creative and do other activities.

You can also find that you have been complaining of someone gaining weight, now is the time to work together and deal with it. Creating an exercise routine together has multiple benefits. You can exercise together.

Not only will working out together keep you both physically healthy, but it can also help you maintain your mental health, as exercise is  proven to decrease anxiety.

Even if it’s not usually your thing, quarantine presents a good opportunity to rearrange your furniture. Test out the different furniture arrangements you have been daydreaming about. It will be easier to try and you can always switch it back if you don’t like it. This is also good time to do spring cleaning. Dad and boys can do the yard while mum and girls do the house.

Spring cleaning can be fun if you have the right buddy! Also crosswords or puzzles are more fun to do as a team and great home activities.

Get all cozy and enjoy each other’s company.

You can trade off cooking and planning with your partner, so you can both enjoy feeling pampered.

It will feel like you went somewhere new even though you are staying put. Also bathing together is sexy and it can light a spark of romance as you get in the routine of staying home. All you need to make it happen is bubbles and your partner. Have fun.

The other important thing during lockdown is to give each other space as well. Let him do what he likes without you disturbing him. It’s normal, everyone needs that ‘me time’ at some point. It’s healthy!

Some women like talking a lot, if you really want things to work for you during this time minimize complaining and nagging. Most men have made it clear that they are having a torrid time because of their partners who talk too much. This is the time to express your love, show you appreciate him and definitely for some, the vows are being put to a test. You promised to be by his side through good and bad times. So why shout because there is not enough food in the house and you know he is not a prophet to make miracles at home. Show support and plan together. No one is to blame for anything as seriously it came as a surprise to all.

Always bear in mind that strong relationships don’t just happen. In order to have a flourishing relationship with your significant other you have to do the work. Give it your best and communication is the way to go. At the end of it all, you realise that is your partner, your friend and therefore treasure special moments like these.

Stay safe and love unconditionally!

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