Women fight over neighbour’s husband

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Women fight over neighbour’s husband Rreid Marsha


Gibson Mhaka
NEIGHBOUR from hell!

Samkeliso Dube from Sotshangane Flats in Bulawayo’s Mzilikazi suburb said they were now sworn enemies with her neighbour Rreid Marsha because she was sleeping with her husband.

She said what broke her heart was that whenever she confronted Marsha, while reprimanding her to stop romping with her husband, she violently attacked her.

Dube said Marsha was not even ashamed of what she was doing with her husband adding that she went too far when she caressed her husband in her presence and later attacked her after she asked her to stop it.

A heartbroken Dube last week approached the courts seeking a peace order against Marsha claiming she was disturbing her peace and marriage.

“I want Rreid Marsha to stop coming to my house. I also want her to stay away from my husband and to stop threatening me when I confront her over the affair.

“I want to be protected since she is always threatening to assault me. This was after I discovered that she was having an affair with my husband.

Samkeliso Dube

“Whenever I reprimand her that she should not sleep with my husband she gets angry and threatens to assault me. The other time she came to my house and talked to my husband in my presence while holding his hands. When I asked her to stop doing it, she became violent and chased me away while threatening to beat me up,” said Dube.

Marsha dismissed Dube’s accusations saying she was just “close” to her husband because they grew up together.

“I am opposed to the application. I am not in a relationship with her husband. He is like a brother to me since we grew up together. The problem is that she comes to my house and verbally assaults me.

“She insults me in front of my children. She keeps on provoking me with her accusations that I am in a relationship with her husband.”

For the purpose of maintaining peace between the two parties presiding magistrate Nomasiko Ndlovu granted a reciprocal order which requires both parties not to insult or threaten each other.

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