WOMAN’S FORUM: Not too long, just 6 minutes

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WOMAN’S FORUM: Not too long, just 6 minutes


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WHAT a relief, most women usually complain of getting lost or disturbed during sex after assuming it had taken too much time. It then baffles the mind if they always want a quickie, but at the same time they say no thanks to the experts who have discovered the power of six-minute sex rule.

When it comes to sex, some people are really keen on stringing out the foreplay for as long as they possibly can and it seems this is where things go wrong. Tried and tested, it is said that the six-minute rule will never disappoint and will leave both you and your partner satisfied.
Essentially the rule states that people should spend at least six minutes engaging in pre-sex affectionate behaviour, such as kissing, cuddling and other types of foreplay. It also applies after the adult game. The rule was born out of recent research which found that just six minutes of foreplay leave people feeling pretty great after sex.

There is a lot happening in people’s lives and having it fast and furious before the mind gets carried away with something seems to be the way to go.

Men and women are much more likely to be satisfied if they engage in six minutes or more of post-sex affectionate behaviour. This can include cuddling, kissing and other forms of intimacy. Even if it’s a casual encounter, engaging in this kind of affectionate behaviour before and after sex can change everything.

It can pay great dividends when it comes to attraction and closeness, but you only have to invest six minutes in being kind, cuddly and affectionate after sex. Both of you are likely to feel better about the encounter. The six-minute rule benefits everyone. Women are more likely to report orgasms and say that the last sex act was very pleasurable and men are just as likely to feel better about the encounter as women. This will improve a lot of couples’ sex lives as in most cases women don’t reach the big O.

One has to understand that when the woman’s body gets excited and you nail it when she really wants to feel it inside then the journey will be a pleasurable one. The six-minute rule definitely makes a lot of sense and both parties will reach that point where they lose their minds.

Always bear in mind that sex isn’t just about penetration, regardless of gender. Oral sex makes sexual activity more pleasurable. The secret to a satisfying sexual encounter is to engage in a variety of sexual activity during an encounter, foreplay, manual stimulation, oral sex and post-sex affectionate behaviour. You have to understand that varied sexual behaviours are associated with pleasure.

The other mistake which most people make in relationships is assuming that their partners are mind readers. If you do not communicate your likes and dislikes then you might waste time. Your partner should know your G-spots very well and same applies to you so that you press on the right buttons. Also note that the six-minute rule applies to pre and post-sexual encounter. Those six minutes after sex are the perfect time for a post-game wrap up. After the game, you are in this post-coital bliss, you are really connected, vulnerable and intimate.

That’s a really good time to say, “I really liked it when you did this” or “it was really hot when we did this.” Your partner will flag this information, internalise it and be more likely to repeat it in another encounter. Unfortunately some people have the fear that their partner will become uncomfortable if they comment but it’s the way to go as it improves your sex life.

When it comes to sex, there must always be an appetiser. This is a MUST have! Too often, couples forgo foreplay altogether and speed ahead to intercourse. And in doing so, they may be setting themselves up for failure. When it comes to eating, lots of people like to skip the appetiser. That’s fine for food, but skipping foreplay is a bad idea for sex. The right foreplay can send you from 0 to 1 000 on the horniness scale.

Foreplay and sexual satisfaction go hand-in-hand. Women typically need foreplay to have good sex. That’s a really good reason not to cut corners with it. Foreplay is really important for most women because they take a longer time to get into the mood and need to be switched on. Usually it’s women who complain that men want to skip to the main course of intercourse, but often they need more time to open up.

Foreplay helps lubrication flow and makes intercourse all the more pleasurable.

Sensuality is the secret to great foreplay, this includes holding hands, nearness of heads on shoulders, caressing hair, arms and back. This builds up sexual tension and arousal. You should keep doing it during sex, not just before. Stretching out the sensuality is very erotic: No rushing from caressing to intercourse as foreplay is something to be lingered over.

In fact, foreplay is a bad name because it sounds like something you start doing and then stop doing. This is seduction, conversation, touching the body and it should go on throughout lovemaking. Never ignore other parts of the body during foreplay and do not rush for the erogenous zones. That’s nice, and all, but there are other parts of the body that shouldn’t be overlooked during sex and touching which helps build up excitement.

The biggest mistake people make is to jump to the genitals right away and ignore the face, the neck, the earlobes and just about anything else. Savour the whole body rather than just try to get arousal through kissing and then move to intercourse. The abruptness of it makes it feel like the foreplay was just a con! Even if you know your partner’s erogenous zones, wait a bit before doing anything with them. Don’t shoot for them right away.

Communication is the key to good foreplay, both beforehand and during the act itself. Talk about what you want out of bed. Have a sexy conversation with your partner about what you like when you’re not under the stress of excitement or worried about criticism or anything like that. Just because something was effective as foreplay last night doesn’t mean the same thing will work tonight. It’s also important to give your partner feedback during foreplay, it’s good to make sounds and say, “This feels good.”

Foreplay isn’t always what you’d expect, it’s good to have surprises. Bear in mind that foreplay is just as important as sex itself, if not more.

So treat it that way!

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