Woman stones neighbours’ windows

14 Jun, 2019 - 00:06 0 Views


Hazel Marimbiza

A Tshabalala woman is tired of her neighbour who throws stones at her house every time they get involved in an argument.

Elinels Maseko said she was tired of Senzeni Sibanda who throws stones at her house aiming at her windows hence leaving them damaged. 

Maseko said when Sibanda started throwing stones she retaliated by throwing stones back at her but this only worsened the situation.

“There is an ongoing tension between Sibanda and I. We used to argue a lot and as a result Sibanda began to throw more stones at my window. Every time she would throw stones I would throw back but I ended up giving up seeing that she was on a mission to destroy my windows. I have had some of my windows broken which I have had to repair because of her. Currently we do not talk but we had an argument in April and that is when she started throwing the stones”, said Maseko.

Maseko also revealed that she had a hard time sleeping as Sibanda sometimes threw the stones at night. 

Western Commonage magistrate Urgent Vundla granted an interim order.

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