Woman slaps hubby with lifetime sex ban

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Woman slaps hubby with lifetime sex ban Tafadzwa Mutero (right) and Ntombiyomthetho Mutero (left)


Gibson Mhaka 

FOR a sex-deprived Bulawayo man sex seems to be the source of a man’s self-worth.

This was after he bitterly complained that he was living with his wife as strangers in the house after she allegedly slapped him with a lifetime sex ban.

Tafadzwa Mutero from New Luveve suburb claimed he has not been performing his duty as a husband for the past nine years because of his wife Ntombiyomthetho Mutero who is refusing to get between the sheets with him.

He said his wife’s actions of denying him his conjugal rights amounted to cruel and unusual punishment.

Tafadzwa bared his soul at the Bulawayo Civil Court where his wife was seeking a protection order against him claiming he was emotionally and physically abusing her.

“I am married to Tafadzwa Mutero under the Marriages Act Chapter 5: 11 and the marriage still subsists. He is violent and has beaten me up several times, the latest being on 29 July after I stopped him from assisting some women who wanted his assistance to beat up a mentally disturbed person. He is also in the habit of bringing his female friends at home and those friends do not greet me. When I ask him why they are doing that he gets angry and assaults me. He threatens to injure me and that is why I want my application for a protection order to be considered urgently,” said Ntombiyomthetho.

Rebutting the allegations Tafadzwa said his wife was the source of their marital problems because she was denying him his conjugal rights.

“I do not deny that I am assaulting her as we are going through a lot of problems in our marriage. We got married in 1996 and for the past nine years she has been denying me my conjugal rights. Another problem is that whenever she sees me talking to other women she suspects that I am in love with them so she becomes confrontational,” responded Tafadzwa adding that he was missing the nights of passion with Ntombiyomthetho.

On why she denies her husband sex, Ntombiyomthetho said she was provoked by one of Tafadzwa’s female friends who accused her of having snatched her man from her sister.

“The reason why I deny him sex is because there is a certain lady who texted me saying I snatched him (Tafadzwa) from my sister. My husband knows that lady who is also insulting my children,” said Ntombiyomthetho while declaring that she was not going to lift the ban until Tafadzwa brings the lady in question to her so that she apologises.

Presiding magistrate Rachael Mukanga who seems to have been shocked by Ntombiyomthetho’s stern command referred the couple for counselling.

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