Woman raped in front of husband and children

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Woman raped in front of husband and children Inspector Abednico Ncube


Danisa Masuku
A GANG of knife-wielding robbers pounced on a sleeping couple, took cash before bashing the naked woman on the buttocks and took turns to rape her in front of her wailing children.

The couple cannot be named for ethical reasons.

The family source who requested not to be named said on Christmas Eve at around 8PM when the couple and their children had retired to bed, the husband heard noise from the kitchen.

“He wrapped himself with a towel and rushed to check what was happening, he got the shock of his life when he saw four men standing in the kitchen. Fear gripped him as the two of the accomplices grabbed him by the neck and pointed a knife to his face while warning him not to scream, he never screamed,” said the family source.

They demanded cash while threatening to kill them, said a source close to investigations.

“He gave one of the accused persons a Samsung J2 cellphone. The two accused persons searched the house and took R630 which was in a wallet under the mattress and US$4 which was in the wardrobe,” said the source.

The robbers then proceeded to the bedroom where they beat up his wife with a stick on the buttocks before raping her.

“They took turns to rape her without protection in front of her children who were crying. After committing the horrendous act they fled,” said the source.

On Christmas Day the couple reported the matter at Magwegwe Police Station.
Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident.

“We confirm that we are investigating a case of unlawful entry, rape and robbery. We are making some follow ups. This was an unfortunate situation where four unknown men broke into a house and raped a woman in front of her children.

“We urge members of the public to come up with information to help the police to arrest these robbers because we believe these robbers are not from the Mars but are from the community and someone knows them.”

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