Woman pens book which encourages women with disabilities to stay positive

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Woman pens book which encourages women with disabilities to stay positive Florence Mudzingwa in middle with friends


Hazel Marimbiza

There is a saying that goes ‘The future rewards those who press on. You don’t have time to feel sorry for yourself. You don’t have time to complain. You have to press on.’

In light of the above, the story of Florence Mudzingwa, founder of Hope Resurrect Trust that has been making noticeable achievements through empowering the girl child with disabilities makes interesting reading.

Her passion in empowering people stems from her own challenging experiences.

“From the time that I started using a wheelchair from crutches, I had to have a deep conversation with myself to accept the situation and embrace my new reality. I began to find ways to navigate using a wheelchair. That made me accept my limitations and focus on my strengths,” said Mudzingwa.

She recently launched a book titled Love Life: The Art of Living Your Dreams which serves as an encouragement not only for persons with disabilities but for anyone who might be feeling low or less confident so that they inculcate a positive mindset.

“No one was ever promised a smooth ride in this life, and it takes a certain art for you to live your dreams. In Love Life: The Art of Living Your Dreams, the book walks the reader through my childhood to adulthood experience, sharing the life hurdles I had to jump over to be where I am today.

 In the book I reveal some attributes on how to live your dreams even in difficult circumstances by finding yourself and having the self-awareness that will enable you to deal with life’s curve balls.

“This is a journey whose first steps include defining and understanding yourself.

This is the only way you will be able to face your challenges and transform into the best version of you, the same way a butterfly goes through a metamorphosis from larva to become that sweet butterfly whose beauty you can never get enough of when you see it flying about.

It is essential, therefore, to continue pressing on like a butterfly, which goes through a process we don’t see behind the scenes, but we continue to outwardly marvel at its beauty,” added Mudzingwa.

Mudzingwa is greatly inspired by the late Saint Mother Teresa.

“Her dedication to humanity and love to impact positively inspires me. It’s my passion to do whatever I can to make a difference in someone else’s life.

 Her quote “We cannot all do great things. But we can do small things with great love speaks to me in so many ways that with what I have I can use it to help others,” she said.



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