Woman labels ex-hubby ‘incurable’ womaniser

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Woman labels ex-hubby ‘incurable’ womaniser Esat Moosa (left) and Marjana Gaibie (right)


Gibson Mhaka

A HEARTBROKEN woman in Bulawayo shamed her ex-husband when she exposed his adulterous lifestyle saying he was an “incurable womaniser” who could run after anything in a skirt.

Marjana Gaibie said during the subsistence of their five-year marriage, her ex-husband Esat Moosa was also in the habit of verbally, physically and sexually abusing her.

So abusive was Moosa that Gaibie with whom she bore one child alleged that he was also constantly harassing her two children from her first marriage.

“I was married to Moosa Esat for five years. We got married in 2013 and divorced in November 2018 before he moved out to stay on his own.

We have one minor child together who is three years old. We started having problems in 2013.

“For the past five years we had been married, he was physically, emotionally and sexually abusing me. The reason for the abuse was because he is a womaniser. He had relationships with different women.

“He was also physically abusive to my two sons from the previous relationship. Recently, he visited my house and threatened to kill me and I am now living in fear as he is in possession of a gun,” lamented Gaibie.

She said sometime in 2014, Moosa once violently kicked her all over the body while she was taking a shower.

“He also kicked me several times when I was pregnant and dragged me outside the house pulling my hair. Due to that violence I suffered a miscarriage.

“From that time we divorced, he has been coming to my house to harass me together with my children,” complained Gaibie.

She begged the court to protect her against her violent and abusive ex-husband by granting a protection order that bars him from physically and emotionally abusing her.

Moosa vehemently refuted his ex-wife’s allegations and requested the court to also grant a reciprocal order which stops her from visiting his workplace.

“I can prove to this court that I have never interfered with the applicant’s peace. I never threatened her with a gun. The reason we separated is that we had an argument over a business that I am currently running.

“She also used to insult me and that is when I decided to leave her. I also do not want her to visit me at my workplace as she has come there twice embarrassing me in the presence of my employees,” responded Moosa.

He further said Gaibie should provide the court with strict proof and medical reports to corroborate her allegations that he had been abusing her for the past five years they had been married.

In her ruling the presiding magistrate Rachael Mukanga granted a reciprocal order which compels both parties not to verbally and physically abuse each other in any way.

The magistrate also ordered Moosa to return their child’s birth certificate which he took when they separated and Gaibie was also ordered not to visit her ex-husband’s workplace.

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