Woman kidnapped, drained of blood

13 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
Woman kidnapped, drained of blood Inspector Abednico Ncube


Trisa Ray Sibanda/ Marsline Natani
A woman from Bulawayo’s Mbundane suburb was kidnapped and drained of blood after she boarded a private car which was being driven by a woman who was in the company of four passengers.

This happened on 10 May. The victim boarded the car along 15th Avenue intending to go home.

They proceeded to Plumtree Road and along the way they changed their route and one of the occupants covered the woman’s face with a cloth and injected her with an unknown substance in the neck.

As if it was not enough, they used the injections to drain blood from her, filling two syringes and also cut tattoos at the back of her neck, leaving her weak.

They did not take any valuables except her blood. The unconscious victim was dumped along Gwanda Road in the Kensington area. She regained consciousness and made a report at Kensington Police Station.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident and indicated that the police were investigating the kidnapping assault.

He urged members of the public to consider their safety before boarding private transport and that they should board registered vehicles.

“We advise people to avoid boarding private motor vehicles whether driven by women or men because it is risky, a lot of criminal activities are happening.

Women are now also into the weird act of committing some sort of crimes and it is worrying that every time we advise people not to board private cars but people continue boarding transport that exposes them to danger,” said Ncube.

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