Woman endures four-decade abuse

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Woman endures four-decade abuse


Danisa Masuku
FOR 40 years, a Bulawayo woman from Lobengula West suburb has suffered physical and verbal abuse at the hands of her neighbour.

Girlie Moyo (70) claims she is always involved in a scrap with her neighbour named Gilbert Ncube. She says the fierce arguments always end with Ncube beating her.

For four decades Moyo has not known peace as her neighbour has been a thorn in her life as he even lets his dogs stray into her yard and when she complains, he punches her and kicks her. She also claims Ncube steals her property and even destroys some of it.

She says this has been her staple life and she has tried to engage police’s Victim Friendly Unit (VFU) and local leadership, but all her efforts have been in vain.

Western Commonage Court

Moyo sought legal help from Western Commonage Court as she applied for a peace order against her abusive neighbour.

In her affidavit she said: “I’m applying for a peace order against my neighbour Gilbert Ncube. For the past 40-years I have not known peace because whenever we are involved in an argument he physically and verbally attacks me. And I have suffered emotional abuse.

“He even lets his dogs stray into my yard and when I complain that they mess up my yard he bashes me in the presence of my children. I pray that this court will grant me a protection order.”

The presiding magistrate Ulukile Ndlovu granted the warring parties a reciprocal order. Ncube was ordered not to go to Moyo’s house and to refrain from issuing threats of violence to her.

He was also prevented from verbally and physically abusing Moyo. Moyo was ordered not to go to Ncube’s house, and verbally abusing him.

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