Woman demands grandmother’s flesh

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Woman demands grandmother’s flesh


Hazel Marimbiza

A woman from Pumula suburb demanded a piece of her dead grandmother’s body from her brother-in-law after he denied her a lift to her grandmother’s funeral. 

All this drama between Martin Siphambaniso Tshuma and Georgina Gaura emerged last year soon after Gaura’s grandmother died.

Tshuma offered to help transport mourners from the city to the rural areas for burial proceedings. However, his car could not accommodate everyone, hence some people were left behind, and Gaura was among the unlucky ones.

This did not sit well with Gaura who immediately insulted Tshuma accusing him of killing her grandmother and eating her meat. 

To add salt to injury Gaura reportedly disturbed Tshuma’s peace by going to his home to cause chaos in front of neighbours.

Having had enough of his sister-in-law’s drama Tshuma decided to seek help from the courts.

“Gaura has been coming to my place of residence to insult me with vulgar language, accusing me of having eaten her grandmother’s meat and she also says she wants some of the meat. She also says I should tell her how her grandmother was buried and threatens me saying I haven’t seen anything yet,” said Tshuma.

He added: “I now fear she will harm me and my family. I pray that the court will grant me a peace order so that she does not come to my place of residence.”

In her response Gaura denied all allegations levelled against her.

Western Commonage magistrate Urgent Vundla granted Tshuma an interim order.

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