Woman chased out of parents house by brother-in-law

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Woman chased out of parents house by brother-in-law


Hazel Marimbiza

A Luveve woman is living in fear of her brother-in-law who occasionally chases her out her parents’ house whenever they have misunderstandings.

All this drama after Simeon Chanza married Magaret Matiza’s sister Monica Chanza and then the couple decided to go and live with Matiza at her parents’ house.
In her court papers Matiza made it clear that she would not tolerate Simeon’s disrespect.

“I am having problems with my brother-in-law Simeon. He came along with his wife who is my younger sister to stay at our parents’ house.

They were renting in Gwabalanda while I stayed with my parents. When our parents passed on they suggested we stay together at our family house.

“He is now chasing me out of my parents’ house saying I should go and stay with my son-in-law yet he is staying at my parents’ house. I have since resorted to ignoring him because he hurls insults at me. I am tired of being disrespected by him in my parents’ house. May the court grant me a protection order to stop him from doing that,” said Matiza.

In his response Simeon simply denied harassing Matiza.

In his ruling magistrate Urgent Vundla ordered Simeon to refrain from emotionally and psychologically abusing Matiza. He further said Simeon should not prevent or hinder Matiza from living in her parents’ house.

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