Woman attacks, shames ex-hubby’s lover

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Woman attacks, shames ex-hubby’s lover Melisa Chambinywa (Left) and Daisy Moyo


Gibson Mhaka 

A BATTLE for the heart of a man might sound mundane but many women are using different tactics to save their marriages from “side chicks” or just expose their husbands’ mistresses.

When Daisy Moyo’s husband of 17 years, Daniel Dhliwayo, left her for his alleged mistress Melisa Chambwinya, she decided to use both violence and shaming as a tool of war against her.

Moyo from Paddonhurst apparently wanted residents of Cowdray Park to wake up and find a poster exposing Chambwinya as an alleged man- snatcher displayed on her gate.

This was after she reportedly left a poster embossed in capital letters and captioned: “Wule” (prostitute) pasted on her gate.

Interestingly, sometimes, when there are such confrontations between wives and alleged mistresses like that of Moyo and Chambwinya whether physically or verbal, alleged mistresses are always on the defensive.

Such was the case with Chambwinya when she, a few days ago, approached the court seeking a peace order against Moyo claiming she was constantly harassing her. 

 “I am applying for a peace order against Daisy Moyo. I know her as my boyfriend Daniel Dhliwayo’s ex-girlfriend. She is violent and has a tendency of calling me on my phone while threatening me. She has been harassing me for two years by constantly coming to my house while calling me names like ‘prostitute’. 

“On 5 May she came to my place at around midnight with her friends drunk and started insulting me. In the process they were forcibly asking me to open the gate which they later damaged with stones. They left stones and empty beer bottles outside the gate and also wrote ‘wule’ in capital letters by the gate,” complained Chambwinya.

In response Moyo didn’t dispute her rival’s abuse accusations. She, however, blamed her for taking her husband. “I admit to the accusations she has levelled against me that I am phoning and insulting her.  It is also true that I went to her house in the company of my friends. What pained me is that I had been married to the same man she said is her boyfriend for 17 years. It’s now one year and seven months since we separated and it was because of her,” angrily retorted Moyo.

At the end of the bitter and brutal encounter, presiding magistrate Racheal Mukanga ordered Moyo not to verbally and emotionally abuse Chambwinya by sending her abusive messages and not to visit her place.

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