Witch hunters verdict haunts woman

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Witch hunters verdict haunts woman Kundu Dhliwayo


Hazel Marimbiza

KUNDU Dhliwayo looks at ease and somewhat an elderly woman at peace with her soul.

But not until she lifts the lid on her troubled life. She has been accused of participating in the death of her children and some villagers. 

Her life is like a chilling script that can rival an old horror movie script as villagers in Matopo are reportedly sitting on her throat because of a clay pot which was found buried in her homestead. This resulted in her being accused of the death of fellow villagers. 

The pot which was discovered by witch-hunters was covered with a red cloth and smeared with fresh blood.

Witch-hunters immediately accused her of burying the pot in her homestead which she used to allegedly, mysteriously kill fellow villagers.

One villager who only identified herself as Mabhena claimed Dhliwayo killed her son.

“My son died mysteriously, he was a healthy man but all of a sudden he started complaining of chest pains and also began throwing up. He died after that short illness. When I consulted prophets they told me Kundu was to blame. I believed it because she does weird things like getting up early morning and bathing by her homestead’s entrance,” said a teary Mabhena.  

As Dhliwayo opened up on her chilling experiences of being labelled a witch a slight frown on her face spoke of a deeply troubled woman.

“It is not the first time I have been accused of being a witch. At one time a snake was found in my homestead by witch-hunters who then said I was responsible for the mysterious deaths of my three children,” said Dhliwayo.  

After being accused of killing her children witch-hunters cut her forehead with razor blades. According to witch-hunters the remaining scars are a permanent mark which serves as some sort of punishment to the accused and a reminder to fellow villagers. 

Dhliwayo’s current story of “bloodshed” has seen her losing friends and living an isolated life in the village.

“Being blamed for killing fellow villagers has been my worst nightmare as it is now hard to survive in this village because many people are now afraid to associate with me,” said Dhliwayo.

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