Winky D charms DJ Stokie

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Winky D charms  DJ Stokie Winky D performs at Bulawayo Shutdown gig


Langalakhe Mabena

It seems every time when he performs, it’s a must for Zimdancehall gaffer Winky D to win hearts of some in the audience and conscript them to his vigilance fans brigade.

Joining the wagon as a new Winky D fan is South Africa’s celebrated triple platinum selling wheel spinner DJ Stokie who was performing alongside the Gafa at the recently staged Bulawayo Shutdown gig held at Queens Sports Club.

It was the first time for DJ Stokie, who rose to fame courtesy of his Superman hit track, to perform in the city of Kings and it came to him as a surprise that after his set, a local artiste in the name of Winky D would jump on stage and steal the show.

DJ Stokie along with his manager resisted going back to their hotel rooms after his set. Instead they insisted on staying to watch the gaffer doing some extra-terrestrial magic on stage.

When Winky started his set with Paita Party, followed by a number of hits including Biggie Maan and Area 61, DJ Stokie could be seen enjoying the gaffer’s Dancehall sound, a proof that the Soweto born creative was charmed.

DJ Stokie

In an exclusive interview with B-Metro on the sidelines of Winky D’s performance, DJ Stokie admitted he was now a new Winky D Fan, a second artiste to admit from South Africa after Master KG.

“This guy is full of energy and the people are cheering him on. It seems he is the real deal here in Zimbabwe.
“He has the gift to control the crowd as they are singing along and that makes him a god.

“I am not a Dancehall fan but this guy has caught my attention, I love his work. I will search and follow his music after this show. Actually, I was warned about him. This is also the reason why I didn’t go to my hotel room soon after finishing my set,” said DJ Stokie.

With Amapiano sound evolving, probably among some of the ever-burgeoning genres, DJ Stokie said he was willing to work with Winky D on a joint project which he said would play a pivotal role in cementing musical relations between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

“Collaborations are the way to go. Zimbabwe is our home as South Africans. You can see DJ Tira, Mafikizolo as well as Master KG have worked with creatives from this region.

“I am also willing to go the extra mile. My manager will talk to his (Winky D’s) manager and we will see what will come out.
“It can be a great collaboration that both our countries will cherish,” said DJ Stokie.

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