Wife’s half-naked lover hides under bed

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Wife’s half-naked lover hides under bed Chief Nemangwe


Gibson Mhaka
BEING loyal to your partner is one of the essentials in a relationship.

Although it was never promised, it is one thing that doesn’t have to be negotiated. But nowadays, it seems like loyalty is hard to find in both males and females.

In an embarrassing episode, a cheating wife was left red-faced when her husband who is a security guard and had returned home from work unexpectedly found her lover whom she had invited for an all-night sex romp. The man was found hiding under the bed.

This was after the woman Sheila Nzungu’s husband Giveaway Mate from Hamamudzi Village in Gokwe under Chief Nemangwe’s area became suspicious upon his arrival after he heard strange noises coming from their bedroom.

Chief Nemangwe

Sources close to the matter said on the day in question, Mate who was usually on night shift returned home unexpectedly and busted his wife with her lover, Noel Mupiringani from the same village whom she had invited for a “sex gala” at their matrimonial house.

“What happened on the day in question is that Mate, who was always late for work, courted his boss’s anger who then decided to punish him by sending him back home saying if he was serious with work he should come the following day.

“Mate headed home and upon his arrival he heard strange noises coming from his bedroom. Since the main door was locked, he then knocked and that is when he became suspicious after his wife took a long time to open the door,” said the source.

It is reported that when Sheila realised that it was her husband who had returned home unexpectedly she quickly hid her secret lover under the bed and welcomed her husband with a warm embrace.

But the husband sensed that something was off when his wife didn’t switch on the light as she would always do upon his arrival.

“When he entered he apparently noticed that his wife was trying to distract him, so he started searching different parts of the house to see if he would find anything suspicious.

“A sixth sense might have told him to check under the bed and when he pushed it to one side he gaped at the hair-raising sight of Mupiringani emerging from underneath,” added the source.

The distraught man was said to have simply kept his cool despite the fact that he had discovered his wife’s shenanigans.

After being busted, Mupiringani, who was reportedly half dressed, bolted out of the house,leaving behind his pair of shoes.

Mate later approached Chief Nemangwe with the pair of shoes as an exhibit while explaining how he was left devastated after returning home to find his wife with Mupiringani in his matrimonial bedroom.

As compensation for bedding his wife, Mate demanded six beasts from Mupiringani.

Mupiringani, who reportedly didn’t waste the court’s time by confessing that he had been bedding Mate’s wife for some time, was fined three beasts.

He testified that for quality time with Sheila, they used to meet when Mate was on night duty, leaving early morning before Mate’s return.
Chief Nemangwe confirmed the matter and said he settled the matter at his traditional court.

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