Wife thrashes hubby after denying him sex

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Wife thrashes hubby after denying him sex


Danisa Masuku

What would you do if your wife bashes you and denies you sex? Devine Hlabano rushed to Western Commonage Court to apply for a protection order against his wife Mable Ndlovu because she is in the habit of bashing him as she refuses to indulge in sex with him and sometimes sleeps out.

Devine’s woes mount when he asks his wife why she would have slept out as she would get angry and would hurl insults at him.

She would go a gear up and beat him up. According to Devine his wife last got in between the sheets with him in March this year before he lost his job.

He says he has tried to beg for his conjugal rights from her but all his efforts have been in vain. He said his wife revealed that what caused her to deny him sex was that after he lost his job, he was constantly moaning of being hard-up despite him spending nights out boozing with his pals.

And he was not buying food at home causing her and their children to starve.

Devine says even though he was not gainfully employed he buys food and pays rent.

In his affidavit he said: “My name is Devine Hlabano, I’m married to Mable Ndlovu. The problem started when I lost my job in March this year after my contract was terminated. After that Mable would deny me sex and would spend a night out boozing with friends.

When I ask her, she would fume at me and would beat me up. She would say she cannot engage in sex with me because she would be hungry but there is no single day that she slept without eating anything as I buy food.

I pray that this court will grant me a protection order.” The presiding magistrate Linear Khumalo granted Devine the protection order. Mable was ordered not to verbally and physically abuse her husband.

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