Wife gets hiding for sleeping out

29 Nov, 2019 - 00:11 0 Views
Wife gets hiding for sleeping out Taddy Makhalima


Hazel Marimbiza

A Bulawayo woman regrets going out at night after she returned home in the morning to be beaten by her husband who accused her of sleeping around.

In retaliation Ellen Ngabaza (27), sought a protection order against Taddy Makhalima. 

“When I arrived home, he started assaulting me using sticks and fists all over my body,” said Ngabaza. 

In his defence, Makhalima( 38), said he was tired of staying with Ngabaza who was a promiscuous woman.

“I admit that I beat up my wife but the reason why I beat her up is because I lost my temper after discovering that she was not at home and that she was sleeping with another man. When I asked her about her promiscuity she responded harshly that’s why I ended up beating her. It’s not the first time she has slept with other men. I always catch her with men and I forgive her. This time I just felt so much pain,” said Makhalima.

In his ruling Western Common magistrate Urgent Vundla ordered Makhalima to refrain from assaulting his wife and to pay a fine of $300 for the offence.

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