Wife bashed for ‘lacking respect’

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Wife bashed for ‘lacking respect’


Gibson Mhaka
IN a fit of pique, a Bulawayo man landed himself in trouble when he allegedly smacked his wife as punishment for disrespecting him after she asked for money to buy tomatoes and onion in the presence of his friends.

Masimba Voti Baya (41) from Makokoba suburb flew into uncontrollable rage following an altercation over alleged “lack of respect” from his wife Cleopatra Dlamini.

Circumstances are that on 11 July and at around 3pm when Dlamini who was at home and wanted to prepare lunch for her family discovered that there were no more tomatoes and onion so that she could prepare soup.

She reportedly approached her husband, who was sitting outside the house with his friends, and asked for money so that she could buy tomatoes and onion.

It is alleged that when she asked for money, her husband presumably out of embarrassment did not respond but remained quiet.

Sensing danger and after she received a cold shoulder from her husband, Dlamini immediately went back to the house and decided to prepare the soup with green pepper.

After some time, an angry Baya followed her to the house and accused her of disrespecting him in front of his friends. A misunderstanding reportedly ensued and at the height of that row Baya failed to control his temper when he started assaulting his wife with fists all over the body.

A battered Dlamini went and reported the matter to the police leading to her husband’s arrest. Baya has since appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Linear Khumalo facing physical abuse charges.

He was not asked to plead and was remanded out of custody to 29 July on $3 000 bail.

Meanwhile, in a related incident another Bulawayo man Richard Munkuli from Hope Fountain Road in Waterford suburb also appeared in court facing charges of assaulting his wife Sikhanyisile Mpofu for allegedly disturbing him while talking to his alleged mistress on the phone.

Allegations against Munkuli are that on 4 July 2021 and at around 8pm his wife heard him talking on the phone with a woman whom she suspected was his girlfriend.

Seething with jealousy Mpofu reportedly snatched the phone and bolted out of the house. It is alleged that when she tried to speak to the woman who seemed to have sensed danger after she heard a female voice, she immediately switched off her phone.

Munkuli who was angered by his wife’s behaviour immediately descended on her while attacking her with fists all over the body. He also choked her. Mpofu went and reported the matter to the police leading to Munkuli’s arrest. He is languishing in remand prison after he was remanded in custody to 26 July.

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