Whin Quins back together

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Whin Quins back together Whin Quins


Langalakhe Mabena
After two years of separation, local all-female hip-hop crew Whin Quins which comprises of Blaq Diva Quin, Queen Tasha and Noereen Moria have decided to reunite.

According to Blaq Diva Quin, Whin Quins split because “we were having a lot of misunderstandings as we grew up, there were a lot of demands and there was no mutual respect among us”.

However, maturity has played a pivotal role in bringing the group together again as revealed by Quin Tasha.

“By then we were young and we didn’t have direction but due to maturity and most important sisterhood, we had to settle our differences because being in the music industry especially as female creatives requires unity for us to progress.

“We also reunited because of our fans. Even though they still loved us when we were doing solo careers after the split, we saw it necessary to come back together so as to appreciate their loyalty to us,” said Queen Tasha.

Their comeback is cemented by a new single which will be released before the month ends titled Ulalah which was produced by Cal_vin under his Kontrol Tribe stable.

Noereen Moria said: “There is no looking back this time around as we have more projects lined up for our fans especially during this lockdown as we are eyeing to do a number of online shows.

“Our latest single Ulalah announces our arrival on the music scene and we promise fans not to disappoint them in any way as we also have well choreographed moves accompanying our music.”

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