We need to start creating art for some of the holidays

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Nkululeko Nkala

We have just passed one of the biggest holidays ever and it left me wondering. 

Are we not missing out on an opportunity to create art and make money? 

Well, hear me out. There was not much that was done during the Easter holidays as far as local art is concerned. In actual fact we could have started with the all so important Independence Day. Why is no one creating a theatre piece or poetry extravaganza to that effect?

I am more than certain many would love to see the story of Zimbabwe re-imagined. It’s the story of our journey. The same way the movie Troy, Last King of Scotland and Hotel Rwanda told stories. Well, let’s say it’s not that easy to dramatise Zimbabwe, there was also an opportunity to tell the story of Jesus through the Easter. We come from a Christian community which should be able to appreciate such productions by professionals. But then again we are always caught napping. In all the four holiday days I can count in one hand the number of shows in the city, most of them live bands in bars.

I was lucky to attend the Clement Magwaza Birthday Bash on 21 April at Nkulumane Sekusile Hall. It further proved and cemented the need for shows in our communities as the hall was packed to the brim. I was particularly impressed by the support he got from fellow creatives like Desire Moyoxide , Khaya Arts , Sis Thoe , Bhamuza, Victory Siyanqoba and Madlela Skhobokhobo to name a few. The groups put up amazing performances that kept the audiences entertained till the wee hours of the morning.

The humble 38-year-old Magwaza gave thanks to all for supporting him and especially his performing artiste wife who has been with him through thick and thin. Magwaza also has a new album out titled Khalu phethe which he recorded in South Africa and is cool 129 minutes of the usual Magwaza music. The album has the tracks Thulazwe , Silile, Izinto Ziyenzeka, Khalu phethe, Inkinga Zomhlaba and Bebengathembi. All the tracks are over 10 minutes and should be a welcome delivery for his fans. In the same light as his former hit tracks Take Take, Kokotsha and Bathi aso yami I think Khaluphethe and Bebengathembi will be well received among his legion of fans. It’s a must-have album.

So back to the holidays. Next week is Workers Day. Apart from the little done at the stadium nothing much will happen. Anyway the Bulawayo Arts Awards closes for nominations and submissions this Friday. I will give more detail abut the numbers and quality of submissions in next week’s piece. The biggest event is in town this week, I wonder if there are any people taking advantage of Trade Fair in terms of art and its money? Until next week, be safe …. @nkuenkala 0772214373

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