WATCH: ‘My father inspired my music’

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WATCH: ‘My father inspired my music’ Sikhosana and his father Johnson Sikhosana


Langalakhe Mabena
An apple doesn’t fall away from its tree!

Social media sensation and folklore musician Sikhosana Buhlungu has revealed that his type and style of music was inspired by his father who is also a talented musician.

Sikhosana, who is trending on all social media platforms for his smash hit Ntethe, said he was grateful to have been raised by Johnson Sikhosana, who at some point traded as a DJ.

“This thing of doing music did not start only with me in my family, I inherited it from my father. While I was young, he played the guitar so well such that he also became famous here in Nkayi.

“Later on, he bought himself a records radio set and he shifted his focus to becoming a DJ, at that point he hosted amagigi (gigs) in our area. Unfortunately he didn’t become famous like me as I have the advantage of this ‘internet’,” said Sikhosana.

Even though his father didn’t like the idea of Sikhosana becoming a musician, he later gave in after seeing that his son had talent.

“UMasombuka wayengafuni (my dad didn’t want me to be a musician) but he saw my progress and gave me the green light. Years later, appeared Dlelas (Madlela Skhobokhobo) in my dream.

“In the dream Dlelas and I agreed to fight this pandemic (Covid-19) and he came to Nkayi in reality especially for me and the song Isomiso was composed. If it was not of the blessings from my father, I wouldn’t have seen Madlela in my life and achieved this much,” said Sikhosana.

Johnson Sikhosana gave testimony of Sikhosana’s talent, tracing it back to his boyhood.

“From a young age, I would see that this boy would be a big thing in music and the world would celebrate him. But this is not what I wanted for him as I wanted him to be at school.

“He took all these characteristics and talent from me. I used to have a band that comprised me and Sikhosana’s uncle. We would play the guitars for our neighbours while Sikhosana was also following,” said Sikhosana’s father.

The father is happy that his boy has tasted success (on social media) but prays that the kind of accomplishment can he turned into something tangible.

“I hear his songs a lot on my stereo (radio) but we have not seen development here especially at his homestead as he is living in poverty. May those who can assist please help this young man to achieve his dreams.

“For now, we are only asking that his homestead be developed because he is now a huge man in Nkayi. Even if he dies, he will still be remembered and no one knows, his house might be a tourism attraction or a museum,” said Sikhosana’s father.

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