Violent hubby assaults wife with household furniture

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Violent hubby assaults wife with household furniture


Hazel Marimbiza
MONALISA Bomi Dube is a troubled woman.

She has been physically abused by her husband for several years.

What started as a lovey-dovey home has now turned into a battle ground for Dube and her husband, Thabani Sibanda.

Sibanda does not only assault Dube, but he also damages her clothes, shoes and phones.

Dube is tired, she can no longer live with Sibanda so she decided to seek justice from the courts.

“I am the complainant in this matter and I am applying for a protection order against Thabani Sibanda who is my husband. The respondent is physically, verbally and emotionally abusive towards me and this has been going on for several years. I have made several reports to his supervisors at work and the police, but to no avail. He maliciously damages property in the house and cuts my clothing and shoes and my phones.

“He physically assaults me with household furniture. In the last incident, he assaulted me with a cooking stick and with a log and a digging tool. I also barely refrained him from hitting me with a big stone. I ran away from our marital home after the last incident out of fear for my life. May the court kindly intervene to stop him from insulting my family and assaulting me,” said Dube.

It was also noted that the couple’s children are emotionally and psychologically affected due to Sibanda’s violent nature.

Most of the abuse on Dube has occurred in their presence so they are now uncomfortable in their father’s presence.
However, the matter was struck off the roll after applicant defaulted.

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