VIDEO: Whistle challenge up in smoke?

20 Mar, 2020 - 00:03 0 Views
VIDEO: Whistle challenge up in smoke?


Bubelo Moyo

When South Africa sneezes, Bulawayo catches the flu!

The trending Amapiano genre has continuously brought about new drills which are making the genre more relevant on a daily basis, with the latest trends being the #Corona dance and the #Impembe dance challenges.

As Africans are creative, they always go a mile further to make fun or popularise anything newsworthy that comes their way.

Social media challenges are online contests whereby virtual citizens record videos and use the #hashtag challenge in a way to come up with the best skit that takes the “virtual medal”.

#Corona dance originates from South Africa varsity students who decided to celebrate the vacation they earned from the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19 by riding the Amapiano sound with a chant of “corona corona”. As for #Impembe dance, they ride the Amapiano beat with a whistle blow while following closely to the sound of the song.

It was just another fun-filled weekend night, last Saturday, at the famous upmarket chill zone, The Smoke House, up until the unexpected happened when a dancer on the dance floor thought she had what it takes to be the queen of the night with just a whistle. This was when she stole the show with the trending whistle blowing moves. 

In an attempt to whistle along the Amapiano vibe, what others in South Africa have been doing but with the instant reaction, she just made herself the laughing stock of the night as she went out of tune to catch up with the Amapiano vibe.

The Smoke House’s Usisi wempembe video lay at over 9 000 views on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

“We all thought she had killed it when we heard a whistle blower but as the music volume went down, she was messing it all up as she was off-tune, the dance moves were off and I personally think what will make her famous is her make-up which was also terrible.

“The challenge wasn’t the best but what might make it trend is that she was funny and confident in herself,” said one reveller who identified herself as Belinda.

For the overnight celebrity, that was her moment as she overwhelmed even the DJs’ music as she over blew the whistle leading to all eyes focusing on her.

Here are a few comments following the video post on Twitter.

@Goffelhusband This is a serious fail, no rhythm, whistle off key, NO YELLOWBONE.

@Sostern_snr I thought the whistle should be in line with the beat of the song playing kwete kunge parikutambwa zvigure.

@Samkebusiness Liyabona ukuthi not being original kunjani. Dont copy others.

@Zibuseesaw The makeup is stressing me.

@Nicole minenhle Kanti uSistaz wenzani manje.

@December7 copy and paste without reference, it won’t work.

@Simply_chillz she was pathetic dude, the whistle isn’t for everyone.

@Georgia tsetana That didn’t go as planned.

@Shaunncube She looks like she’s running out of oxygen shuwa.

@Itsjus_Icm What’s with the paint in her face, that can’t be make up. This whistling is so unprofessional. The commotion in the dance floor.

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