VIDEO: Teenage ‘bombs’ Passport Office

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VIDEO: Teenage ‘bombs’ Passport Office Teenage Hadebe and Prophet Thabiso Ngwenya. INSET: Hadebe’s passport


Gibson Mhaka

DIVINE intervention!

With his career on the line as Turkish club Yeni Malatyaspor read the riot act after his failure to report back to camp after Zimbabwe’s last assignment in Zambia, gritty Warriors defender Teenage Hadebe this week made a pilgrimage to local Prophet Thabiso Ngwenya’s shrine as he sought divine intervention to help him get a new passport. 

In a video exclusively obtained by B-Metro the Warriors centreback clad in white Nike t-shirt and classy sneakers is seen performing a bombing “ritual” together with his father donning his former South African club, Kaizer Chiefs jersey at Prophet Ngwenya’s shrine in Pumula South.

As per “bombing” norm, Teenage who is continuously shaking a bottle of water is purportedly beseeching God to help him have his passport quickly processed.

In the process Prophet Ngwenya is heard urging Teenage to repeatedly spell out his wish while declaring that nothing could stop the power of God. 

It is reported that barely a few hours after the bombing ritual, the lanky defender received a call notifying him that his passport had been released. It is quite an ordeal to get a new passport in Zimbabwe, especially for the common man and the Government is faced with a huge backlog of applications amid indications the costs of acquiring passports was set to increase. His Turkish club, however, was not impressed that their star player that had come to represent the country could suffer the inconvenience of waiting for a passport for weeks. 

Teenage had been holed up in Bulawayo waiting for a new passport after the one he was using ran out of pages on which immigration officials stamp entry and departure stamps and where visas are also attached.

His visit corroborated his father‘s recent revelation that the secret behind his son’s soaring success was Prophet Ngwenya’s prayers.

In his testimony, the 23-year-old player’s father revealed that the man behind his son’s rising success in his football career was Prophet Ngwenya.

“I have good news here from Teenage’s father, the young boy who is involved in major international football transfers. I am happy that his father in his testimony has made it clear that my prayers were also behind his soaring success in his football career.

“I have known Teenage before he started his professional football career until now when he was signed from Kaizer Chiefs by a Turkish Super League club.

“Teenage used to come here with his mother for prayers. Sadly, he is always phoning me saying he wished she (mother) was still alive, so that she could see his rising career in football,” said Prophet Ngwenya.

As if that was not enough, Teenage’s father also turned to Prophet Ngwenya seeking divine intervention claiming that his son was now being pursued by another club in Greece.

He asked Prophet Ngwenya to pray for his son saying his current club’s president was against the move saying it was too early for Teenage to be released.


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