Using the short stick

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Using the short stick


First you will need a short stick made of wood about 60cm long, towel, water for drinking during the exercises , the stick is good for working the whole body it is like the long stick but the difference is that it is short and portable and very easy to use.

You can start with the warm up for 10 minutes by walking on the spot for 1 minute then you sprint on the spot for 2 minutes then back to walking on the spot for one minute again.

SHOULDER PRESS: You start with your feet flat down shoulder width apart and bend your knees slightly then hold the stick by the corners make a tight grip. Keeping your head facing straight forward lower the stick to come close to your upper chest breath out when you go up to the top and breath in when you lower it close to your chest since the stick does do not have much weight you can do 60 repetitions. Then you do the next exercise.

BICEP CURL WITH LUNGE: Start with your feet flat on the floor hip width distance then holding the stick at shoulder length apart with the palms facing outwardsA� do the curl coming towards your chest your palms should be facing you when you are at the top. At the same time you will be doing a lunge forward as you curling at the top, for the lunge you will make a step forward slightly wider than shoulder distance make sure the back leg will be balancing on the toes.

As you go down to lunge bending the front leg and also making sure your knee does not pass the toes when you go down to prevent you on loading the knee joint and having knee problems from lunging.Do 15 repetitions and repeat on the other leg the same thing.

SIDE ROWS: With the wide grip on the corners of the stick hold a tight grip and your feet shoulder width apart and flat down start to move side ways like you are rowing a boat hands going side ways and alternating do 30 repetitions on each side always keep your feet flat and just move your upper body only and keep your head facing forward.

HAMMERS: This time you will hold the stick at the center with both hands and vertical still with feet flat down shoulder width apart squat down slightly and lift your hands up high and straightA� first before squatting then when you start to squat your hands should go down like you are hammering but using power and squatting at the same time. You can do 15 repetitionsA� when you are going down you breath out and breath in when you are lifting your hands up high. When you are down you count that as one then go and down again and count that as two up to 15 repetitions.

CRUNCHES: Start by lying on your back and have a tight grip on the stick by the corners and your knees bent hip width apart and flat down then you lift the stick high and keep your hands at the top straight up then lift your upper body to do a crunch and your chin must not touch your chest always keep your face facing up high. Crunch at the top and hold for two seconds before lowering your body back down breathing in at the top and breath out when you go down where you start . You can do 15 repetitions.

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