Umjolo gets man seeking protection order

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Umjolo gets man seeking protection order Edson Muringani


Gibson Mhaka
WHEN it comes to dating, also known as umjolo, it is not for the faint-hearted as it may end in tears, and can hurt like hell as you find yourself regretting falling in love.

This is apparently true for a Bulawayo man who is now stuck with his overly obsessive girlfriend who is threatening to kill herself if he leaves her.

Edson Muringani from Suburbs claimed he was living in perpetual fear after his estranged lover Lynnete Mudzoverana from North End suburb threatened suicide if he dumps her.

The High Court of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo

The chilling threat: “If you leave me, I’ll kill myself” by Mudzoverana, however, prompted Muringani to rush to the Bulawayo Civil Court on Friday last week to seek a protection order against her.

“I am applying for a protection order against Lynnete Mudzoverana who is my ex-girlfriend. She is verbally, physically and emotionally abusive towards me.

She was coming to my workplace causing havoc while threatening to kill herself if I did not marry her.

“Her behaviour has led to the termination of my employment.

She is now threatening to come where I am staying to destroy my marriage.

I want a protection order against her so that she stops verbally and physically abusing me and coming to my place,” begged Muringani.

In response Mudzoverana said Muringani should not refer to her as his girlfriend but wife.

“I am not his girlfriend; he is my husband whom I am staying with and we are married.

Where I am staying, he is the one who looked for that place and is also the one who is paying rent.

I am two months pregnant and he is the one responsible.

“His application is just a ploy to run away or hide from the responsibilities.

It’s not true that I am abusing him.

Whenever we fight, he will be the one who would have provoked me and I will be acting in self-defence.

Our problems started when he was no longer coming back home,” responded Mudzoverana.

Her response did not go down well with Muringani who said he didn’t know that she was pregnant.


“It is my first time hearing about that pregnancy.

She was once pregnant and she suffered a miscarriage and that is what I only know.

“Another issue is that I didn’t do any official introductions to her family.

I am trying to part ways with her but she is refusing.

“Just imagine I lost my job because of her violence. I am now avoiding her because I no longer have the money to cater for her needs,” said Muringani.

He further narrated: “On 29 May 2022 I met her in town during the evening and she said if I am no longer interested in her I have to take her to her family. She started beating me up while insulting me.

I didn’t want to go to her place because I have a wife but I ended up going with her to her place because of her violent behaviour.

“We got there at around midnight and I sneaked out at around 4am as a way of running away from her abusive behaviour.”

Mudzoverana shot down Muringani’s submissions that she was the one who was pestering him to take her back to her parents.

“I am not the one who is demanding that he take me back to my family.

He spoke to my aunt and my sisters and they are the ones who are demanding that.

My relatives knew that he married another woman when I was five months pregnant.

My family is the one which is saying he should bring me back home if he no longer loves me,” said Mudzoverana.

In her ruling, presiding magistrate Nomasiko Ndlovu granted the peace order in Muringani’s favour.

The magistrate ordered Mudzoverana not to verbally and physically abuse her estranged lover or to threaten him in any way and not go to his workplace.

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