UFO spotted in Gwanda

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UFO spotted in Gwanda UFO spotted in Gwanda (Photo Credit- Getty Images)


Trisa Ray Sibandar
AN unidentified flying object (UFO) was sighted in Gwanda rural and urban on 20 January, B-Metro reports.

An UFO is a mysterious object seen in the sky for which no orthodox scientific explanation can be found, often supposed to be a vehicle carrying extraterrestrials.

Residents told B-Metro that the fast-moving UFO, which looked like a flying saucer, had multiple bright colours.
It exploded in the night sky before their very eyes.

In an interview, a witness, Nkosi Emmanuel Moyo described how it looked like.

“I don’t know how to describe it but it was shiny and flashy with a trailing light of over 100 metres, it was scary because it was an unusual light in the sky and I saw it from the southern direction.

I am sure it must have been spotted by people as far as Filabusi,” said Nkosi. He said it took less than a minute for it to shoot through and leave a trail of light.

“Imagine sitting in a car all relaxed, knowing how dark it is in the rural areas and all of a sudden an unusual light pops up and it’s all glowing in the sky, it was scary. There was no time to even capture it,” said Nkosi.

Thulani Moyo of Filabusi also confirmed sighting the UFO. Describing the UFO, Moyo said it looked like “a rocket with fire on its back”.

“I can confirm that I witnessed a strange light travelling in the sky. It had a frightening explosion-like sound. Despite the clear skies it sounded like rain thunder,” he said.

In the United States of America, UFOs are taken seriously by the military, which views them more and more as a legitimate national security issue. Some of the UFOs reported by Navy pilots, appear to be far faster and more manoeuvrable than their own jets, and the military would like to know if adversary nations possess such technology.

From 2007 to 2012, a Pentagon project called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program investigated such sightings. And in August 2019, the US military established the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) for more or less the same purpose.

Then, in December 2020, Senator Marco Rubio — at the time chairman of the Senate’s intelligence committee — asked the Pentagon and the director of national intelligence to investigate the spate of mysterious recent UFO sightings and deliver a report on the matter within six months.

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