Tymbah ventures into Amapiano

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Tymbah ventures into Amapiano Tymbah


Langalakhe Mabena
After carving his name on the Afro Soul genre, multi-talented muso Tinashe Mukwamuri, otherwise known as Tymbah in the music scene, has decided to try the AmaPiano genre as a way of broadening his fan base.

To prove that he is serious in his business, the Sondela hitmaker released a single titled Ngifun’Ukuba Nawe on 1 August which is part of his four-track Extended Play (EP) expected to be fully released by November.

The song was produced by Tymbah, his younger brother Ngonidzashe “Ngonie The Creator” Mukwamuri and Asher Makaluka.


Tymbah said he took time to transform his career during the Covid-19 lockdown era, which gave him different ideas on how best he could manoeuvre in the game, hence, justifying how he switched from Afro Soul to AmaPiano.

“I started working on this project (EP) during lockdown, I had all the time to think on how I can transform my career.

So, to expand my fan base I decided to venture into AmaPiano, a genre which undoubtedly has taken the rest of the world by storm.

“The first single I released titled Ngifun’Ukuba Nawe, was produced by myself with help from my younger brother as well as Asher Makaluka.

“The whole EP is expected to be fully out by November as I will be releasing a track each month which will add up to the four tracks on the EP.


Tymbah has always been known for composing love ballads and as he has already tested the waters on AmaPiano, he said he would continue writing music about love, its flaws and follies, as well as celebrating its value.

“I have always been a writer of songs that have thematic concerns surrounding love.

As I have ventured into AmaPiano, nothing has changed.

I will continue preaching about love and I believe my fans will like the kind of style that I have brought to the genre.”

Apart from the EP, Tymbah said he had been working on other projects with artistes such as Tytan, DJ Terry Moyaz as well as Zoe Larae.

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