Troubled Soul finally rests

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Troubled Soul finally rests The late Soul Jah Love


Langalakhe Mabena
He lived a life of self-torture, one which saw the usage of addictive drug substances providing him with a “ship” to escape from reality.

Soul Musaka, who was affectionately known as Soul Jah Love, has finally rested, escaping his troubles and a judgmental society which always saw wickedness in him, despite creating good memories for them through his music.

He passed away on 16 February at night upon arrival at Mbuya Dorcas Hospital in Harare.
He was 31.

According to a doctor’s report the cause of his death was lack of pulse and high sugar levels. However, his family is still waiting for a post mortem to reveal what really took Chibaba’s life.

It’s not a secret, Chigunduru, as he called himself, was a controversial figure in the local Zim Dancehall fraternity.

Despite all words thrown at him, Soul Jah Love would have the courage to pick up the microphone and dust it off and continue creating good music for his fans, something that he did until his demise.

A number of songs composed by Soul Jah Love reflect the hardships he always suffered.

Songs like Nhamo, Tsvairai Nzira Yangu and Ndachema, are testimonials.

Lately, as if he knew his road was about to come to an end, he penned a moving song as a farewell message to himself titled Kana Ndafa.

The piece was greatly knitted as Jah Love was somehow speaking from the other side of life (life after death), encouraging his fans to remember him for the good he has done, not the negatives.

“Mutumbi wangu pamuchaushafa, mozovaudza kuti Sauro Igafa (The day my body is laid to rest, tell the whole world that I was the best of the best),” sang Jah Love on the song which has since started trending on social media after his death.

The Gafa president Winky D, has bid farewell to Jah Love.

“Dear Sauro, since it is so, now in excruciating pain, we should all acknowledge and embrace you as it is written and ought to be. My grieving heart still rises in pain and gratitude at your contribution to the Zimbabwean musical narrative.

“You travelled all musical thorny paths, even more, you conquered in your distinct way, no musician heart ever conceived, dared to try your lyrical path. We won’t take back the hope you gave to the youths, rest strong my brethren,” said Winky D.

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