Treat bad love as a lesson

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Treat bad love as a lesson


When you love people, you don’t try to fix their problems. You just ensure they don’t face them alone.

Sometimes being single doesn’t mean you’re undesirable, unworthy of love or unwanted.

It means you know your worth and are waiting for someone worthy.

Once you truly believe you’re worthy of love, you’ll never settle for poor treatment.

This means not putting up with someone telling you they were too busy to call or text you.

If they truly want to be with you, they’ll make time for you.

When love is right, the other person’s desire is to bring out the best in and inspire you to be great.

I’ve come to the realisation that no matter how hard you try, sacrifice and become romantic, it’s impossible to have a relationship with someone who’s not ready for you.

Someone worthy of your love will never put you in a position to feel you must sacrifice your happiness, self-esteem, dignity or integrity to be with them.

Sometimes after a break-up, people don’t cry because they’re weak or miss the good times with their exes.

They grieve, staying too long in a relationship with someone who didn’t deserve them.

Your dating profile should be laced with “demanding the very best from those you fall in love with”.

When you stop chasing wrong love, you give the right candidates a chance to enter your life or to find you.

A lot of people have been hurt in their past relationships.

When you enter into courtship with them, don’t just tell them how much you love them, show them why they should believe you.

In life things happen. But how you respond to them can make or break you.

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