Train party lives to billing

16 Aug, 2019 - 00:08 0 Views
Train party lives to billing


Bubelo Moyo

What an experience!

The latest train party was an epic experience and those who didn’t afford to attend the extravaganza shall live to regret.

Scheduled as the first leisure outing for this year’s Heroes’ holidays on August 10, the train party tickets sold like hot cakes with at least 90 percent of the tickets being sold.

Revellers were treated as promised to a surplus of meat given away.

Of course when people see meat barbaric traits are likely to possess them and this led to a massive looting of braai packs. However, the “hyenas” couldn’t finish up their loot as meat was all over.

When a train party occurs, obviously shenanigans are likely to occur, and most of these occurred when the train reached the final destination, Figtree Redwood chill spot. When the train party revellers got to Redwood, a massive number of locals were already available waiting to party with the train “strangers”. An enormous number of cellphones and wallets were snatched by “two fingers” experts.

One of the revellers who identified herself as Amanda said: “I lost my iPhone 6S while we were having a braai at Redwood. I don’t understand how I lost it because I was with my girls and I suspect some local guys who we were not with at the train party stole it.”

Another reveller identified as Wayne also lost a cell phone and a wallet.

Above all, the experience was jovial, ecstatic and romance pervaded the place as most revellers brought their partners.

The train party ended at 10 pm as promised. 

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