Time to pull a shocker

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Time to pull a shocker


Nhlalwenhle Ncube

EVERY man wants a sex life that is a little spicy, a little sweet and to get surprises from his better half!

If I was at church I could have got an Amen for that statement. Brethrens are quick to say Amen whenever you say the truth, even if they don’t put it into practice. My point is that what I have just said are tips which women share on a daily basis, but only a few do them at their homes.

Sisters, never try to be a saint in front of your man acting as if you are a teenager who is clueless on sex. You have to research a lot and get to know your man and what he expects in between the sheets and in life. Be an unpredictable wife who is known to pull shockers anytime.

This will help keep your relationship vibrant and happening. Make your own bedroom a sexual sanctuary. You can only manage to pull a shocker if you teach yourself to take the initiative. Of course men are happy to make the first move most times, but they also feel really special and wanted if you do. The thought of getting to know that you are also eager to have them do it again, make them realise their good work is appreciated. Because no matter how much you seem to enjoy the heat, if you never light the match, they begin to wonder if they do it right or wrong. This is one other reason why some women are having problems with their partners always suspecting that they are having illicit affairs because they never show interest in being intimate with them, never.

Also surprise him with sexy lingerie. Never be fooled into believing that men never take note of your lingerie as they rip it off and toss it on the floor. It helps turn him on, so please do not be comfortable with him getting used to your same lingerie. It might end up becoming a turn-off. So surprise him with sexy lingerie and make him die to rip it off!

Most women are used to that he will make the first move and lead in everything. Surprise him by being in charge of foreplay and doing what you have always dreamt of. Men also need that touch. Don’t be fooled by men you see in movies who are always horny and ready to screw like RIGHT NOW. Truth is that men need to be caressed and they enjoy the slow build-up.

Do not forget the dirty talk. That is another moment where you can pull a shocker which he will live to remember forever. During lovemaking, silence is deadly. Please say something my sister and they are also tired of being told I love you everyday. Be creative, say something sweet or at least some encouraging moans to let him know that he is on the right track.

When was the last time you called out your husband with his name. Nothing keeps a man in the moment like the sound of his own name. Use that to your advantage and get things happening. You can not be calling him by name of children, for example SaNoh even in between the sheets, it kills the mood.

If you are a woman, also be that kind of person who has a game for anything attitude. Suck kind of woman has no limits and can surprise her husband by suggesting new sex positions. Do something outside the box, not missionary style from 1 January to 31 December. Pull a shocker, when he thinks you are done playing the adult game, suggest your favourite one before you call it a day.

At times you also have to surprise him with a high sense of humour. When things go wrong, it can either be hilarious or devastating. Our ability to laugh together makes the difference. When he is so sure that you will be mad at him, control your temper and come up with a solution. This kind of shocker will make him respect and get crazy about you.

Surprising your man can be a great way to bring the two of you closer. Surprises leave a strong, emotional impression and can even seem to stop time, shaking up expectations and making you both feel good. Occasional surprises are an effective way to show your special person how much you love him!

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