Thobela honours imbube legends

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Thobela honours imbube legends Indosakusa The Morning Star


Langalakhe Mabena

As a way of reviving and uplifting the traditional music of Imbube/Scathamiya in Zimbabwe, Thobela Arts Foundation held an event to honour Imbube legends for the contributions they made towards the survival of the genre.

The event took place at Bulawayo Theatre and groups such as Black Umfolosi, Amabhubesi, Imbizo, Sunduza, Ubuntu Bomuntu, Umdumo Wesizwe, Black Spear, UGodlwayo Bright Stars, Zonda Mthakathi, Insingizi and Phelandaba, were honoured with excellence shields at the event.

Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Bulawayo Metropolitan Province Judith Ncube was the guest of honour and she applauded the Thobela Arts Foundation for preserving the Ndebele culture.

She said Bulawayo remained the epicentre of cultural and creative arts and she urged the youths and the people of Bulawayo to tap into the endowment for the economic development of the region.

“Throughout the world culture plays a very important role for every nation. It is the identity of the nation. We are no exception as Zimbabweans. Music is the culture to protecting a sense of who we are.

“It gives us an irrefutable connection with the past, certain social values, beliefs, customs and traditions that allows us to identify ourselves with others and deepen our sense of unity, belonging and national pride.

“This event is a kind gesture by Thobela Arts Foundation of making sure that our history doesn’t sink and be forgotten and these awards that are presented to Imbube Legends are to encourage the current groups to further revive the genre so as to preserve our customs.

“I would like to believe that our local music will continue to reach out to the local, regional and international audience in order to promote and preserve the cultural heritage for current and future generations,” said Ncube.

On the sidelines of the event, Thobela Arts Foundation founder Oscar Siziba said the foundation was there to safeguard the survival of Imbube.

“We are what we are because of our culture and music has a strong message on the basis of our heritage. As Thobela Arts Foundation it is our duty to preserve Imbube and our culture so that it survives to the coming generations,” said Siziba.

Indosakusa, Ijongosi, Amaqhaqha and Sunduza provided entertainment by singing cover songs of the honoured legends such as Sungilahlel’Igama, Rega Kusarira, Mama, Amasango and Kuphelile.

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