Theatre cans Mama Afrika doccie

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Theatre cans Mama Afrika doccie


THE screening of Miriam Makeba’s documentary at the Soweto Theatre has been billed as one of the draw cards for the upcoming Hugh Masekela Heritage Foundation Festival next month.

But the doccie had to be canned at the 11th hour.

The build-up to the festival and the Hugh Masekela No Boaders exhibition kicked off on 9 October.

Their first show which had attracted people from all walks of life, ended up showing Masekela’s live concert.

Sources say they were shocked to watch the concert instead of the documentary.

Even though many said they enjoyed the festival, they are keen to watch the documentary.

According to the foundation’s advisor Mabusha Masekela, the idea came after the trumpeter’s passing.

He said it was his uncle’s wish that everyone should celebrate his life and times.

Said one of the attendees on opening night: “We were told there would be a movie or documentary about the late Miriam Makeba and how the two had met.”

According to the source, they were shown, “They were married and obviously documented something’s that we as music lovers are interested in. I heard that someone didn’t want the foundation to play Miriam screening,” said one reveller. The source said instead they watched Hugh’s Monte Casino performance, because someone had told the theatre not to flight the video.

When called for comment, Mabusha told the SunTeam the opening of the exhibition was to have been preceded by the screening of the Mama Afrika documentary.

“As to why this didn’t happen? Ask the Soweto Theatre. Maybe they have an answer for you,” said Mabusha.

Soweto Theatre’s general manager Nomsa Mazwai said she was the one who pulled the documentary.

“As Soweto Theatre, we saw this as a better fit.

“I know the Monte Casino performance would have been great to end the evening with — and it was great.

“But the decision to can the Miriam Makeba documentary was taken because the evening was mainly about the late Bra Hugh,” she said.

“We do free screenings every month and I thought we’d screen the documentary later on.”

In response, Mabusha told the SunTeam: “But no one told us anything.”

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