The Day Mzistoz and Mawiza became Trompies …Thanks to BAF for the baptism

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The Day Mzistoz and Mawiza became Trompies …Thanks to BAF for the baptism Mzistoz performing Trompies hit Sweety Lavo at BAF


Langalakhe Mabena

Nothing is more amazing than being picked among many creative artistes and selected to do a cover song of your all-time favourite artiste(s).

Local Kwaito boys Mzistoz Mfanafuthi and Mawiza were lucky to be chosen by Bulawayo Arts Festival (BAF) organisers to perform a cover song of legendary Kwaito group Trompies’s Sweety Lavo.

They performed the song on day four of the festival (4 June) at a concert which was streamed live from the Large City Hall, on Skyz Metro’s Top 10 songs of all time.

The performance was also broadcast live on Skyz Metro FM.

Trompies is a South African Kwaito group which was formed in 1995.


It comprised leader and producer Mandla Spikiri, Mahoota, Donald Duck and Mjokes who died late last month.

Sweety Lavo was on number nine at the countdown charts performance and both Mzistoz and Mawiza were made to fill “big” All Star shoes to match the Kwaito kingpins on the stage.

Wearing dungarees, dobs and Chuck Taylors entered on the stage two boys, one from Cowdray Park (Mzistoz) and the other from Entumbane Ko Gogo (Mawiza) and the crowd went nuts as soon as they chanted ‘We Sweety Lavo.”

It was the boys’ baptism night to become “real” Trompies or Pantsulas as it were.

Mzistoz is joyful he was a “Trompy” that night.

“I grew up listening to their (Trompies) music from a tender age, even to date they are my all-time favourites. It was such an uplifting blessing to be chosen by the organisers to do the cover of that song because it defines me.

“The moment I entered the stage I felt the pressure as I was nervous, I mean Trompies are a big deal and I didn’t know how people would connect to our performance.

“But, as soon as I split on the mic, something took over and the rest was history,” said Mzistoz Mfanafuthi.

With such a stellar performance he pulled with Mawiza, Mzistoz who recently released a smash video for his single Noma Kanjani, said his fans must brace to receive more Kwaito vibes on his upcoming singles.

“I am working on an album; I am not in a rush to release it because I don’t want to feed my fans with half-baked cakes. More Kwaito vibes are on their way in the form of singles,” said Mzistoz.

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