Tebza pays tribute to producer

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Tebza pays tribute to producer Tebza (left) and producer Tinashe “Manplaza” Nyathi


Bubelo Moyo

It all started in the dusty streets of New Magwegwe suburb when songwriter/producer Tinashe “Manplaza” Nyathi and Tebza’s brother Mduduzi “Mduman” Moyo would produce music in a bedroom studio.

Tebza showed a lot of interest as he would sometimes back up in his brother’s projects.

“Mduman was against the idea of Tebza singing as he thought he was very young but as next-door neighbours, I’d sneak him in so that he would do the vocals of the songs which I was writing as he showed great potential at a very tender age.

“Listening to one of his first projects triggered a memory of the South African Kwaito stars, Msawawa and Mzambiya whose music pumped in clubs before they had reached the legal age to be allowed into nightclubs. I saw potential in him and decided to give him a shot,” said Manplaza.

Manplaza revealed that he was the brains behind the hit track Waz’khoth’lihlo.

“I wrote the song and when I gave it to Tebza for the vocals, he was too quick to grasp the lyrics and then I figured out that yayizamsinda (It wouldn’t be easy) for him alone, so I invited Mzistozz to the party,” said Manplaza.

Recently, Mzistozz (Tebza’s cousin) told B-Metro that Manplaza had been a blessing not only in his solo career but also in Tebza’s.

“Having a star (Tebza) in my own family makes me feel proud, if it wasn’t for our producer and mentor Manplaza who groomed us, we wouldn’t be anywhere,” said Mzistozz.

The high-flying youthful Kwaito star, Tebza is set to officially launch his highly anticipated Ezakudala album on 16 November at the National Gallery in Bulawayo and the launch will see seasoned musicians rendering their love for the Kwaito-star through supporting acts.

Ezakudala album première show will feature South Africa-based Inono Lakwethu “La Dee”, Novuyo Seagirl, Mawiza and the Ndebele rap king Cal_Vin. 

Following the RoilBAA Waz’khoth’ilihlo performance which made him man of the moment, he has been low key since then and when asked why, Tebza told B-Metro that he had to juggle both school and music evenly.

“I have been a lot busier doing some school stuff during the week, so I dedicated my weekends to making music,” said Tebza.

Finally, the hard graft has come to fruition, and this is the Ezakudala playlist; Sgubhu, Mtshina, Pansula, Cici, Sgelekeqe, Skolweni, Ashphel’Moya, Nakanjani, Kasi Anthem and hit bonus track Waz’khoth’lihlo.

On the 10-track album, the energy charged pint-sized muso collaborates with K_Tox, Crycen, Mzistozz, Freak, Phana, Skido and Manplaza at Street Menace Studio in New Magwegwe suburb.

Tebza forever grateful to have worked with Manplaza (producer) and the duo has galloped together since the birth of the star-boy Tebza in the music industry in 2016.

“Manplaza has been with me all the way, from organising a slot for my first ever performance, at Bulawayo Athletics Club (BAC) in 2017 at DJ Mzoe’s show to where I am today,” said Tebza.

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