Tebza inspires Mzistozz

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Tebza inspires Mzistozz Mzistozz


Bubelo Moyo

For 14-year-old award winner Tebza, it might not be easy to recognise the impact he has had in his brother’s life, Mzistozz with whom he worked to mould the hit track Waz’ khothi lihlo but the senior is forever indebted to collaborating with the top name.

The forgotten musician can be easily mistaken for Tebogo “Tebza” Moyo’s backup vocalist or dancer as he has been seen hanging out with the superstar in many shows — Tebza has validated the words of Mzingaye “Mzistozz” Ncube’s word that they are cousins and they grew up together.

“Working with my own brother was a blessing to me, we had that natural understanding, it is no doubt that the track is fire — Waz’ khothi lihlo,” said Tebza.

In the song Waz’ khothi lihlo Tebza stole the whole cheese, all the glory was directed to him but this is not a problem for the hopeful Mzistozz as he believes that his chance to be a star is soon coming.

“Having a star (Tebza) in my own family makes me feel proud, if it wasn’t for our producer and mentor Manplaza who groomed us, we wouldn’t be anywhere,” said Mzistozz. 

He explains how his musical journey began: “Growing up at a maskandi oriented township Lupane, our neighbours would play their guitars non-stop and my love for making music grew.

“I got my first guitar in Grade 3 as a gift from ugogo, fast forward to Grade 7 when I dropped my first track then I moved to rap,” said Mzistozz.

Having Tebza on his side, Mzistozz is confident of making it in the harsh music industry with his album iRoboriya scheduled for release before year end. 

On the album he collaborates with seasoned artistes, Cal_Vin, Asaph, Hwabaraty, Novuyo Seagirl, Tebza and R Peels from Harare.

The nascent musician has dropped a single track, dedicated to his hood titled Esgodo Mpompi. This refers to a place in Cowdray Park suburb. Mzistozz says he is seeking to make himself known all across town as an independent artiste.

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