Tallyn accuses Nox of cheating on her

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Tallyn accuses Nox of cheating on her Nox Guni and Tallyn Ndudzo


Langalakhe Mabena
There is trouble in paradise!

Seasoned Urban Grooves maestro Nox Guni’s marriage is on the rocks as the Zaka prince is being accused by his wife, Tallyn Ndudzo, of cheating and financial abuse.

In a series of posts on social media, Tallyn announced her break-up with Nox after she discovered that he is having extra marital affairs.

The situation is so toxic that the wife has changed her Facebook page name from Mai Guni to Tallyn Ndudzo.
Tallyn accused Nox of infecting her with a sexually transmitted infection.

She also claimed that she has been bankrolling his music career. Nox is said to have milked Tallyn to the extent of asking her to pay South African award-winning producers Master KG and DJ Tira for collaborations which resulted in the release of singles My Melody and Stay With Me, respectively.

Master KG

Tallyn regrets everything she did for Nox, including managing his social media pages and marketing his music.

“Nox was busy with his music, he didn’t care about promotion and marketing; I am the one who was busy asking people to follow him on social media.

“I didn’t sleep, I was busy building his pages but today people are insulting me for exposing him for cheating, claiming I want to destroy his fame.

“I always boosted his post on social media with my own money. I saw his potential and I did all this because I wanted to grow old with him and build an empire together.

“I am the one who pushed for his collaboration with Master KG and it was not for free, I massively paid for it. I even financially endorsed his collaboration with DJ Tira and all these payments were expensive.

“I came into his life as a support structure, maybe he didn’t reach his potential because he wasn’t financially stable but I came in with the money.

DJ Tira

Now his music is playing on big music channels like MTV, of which I paid for his videos to be there,” said the heart-broken Tallyn.

All she ever wanted from Nox was respect.

“I know my position as a wife and I didn’t do all this to buy his love, I wanted us to have a better future together but now he is cheating on me with people who were not even there in his career boosting, exposing me to STIs.”

Meanwhile, Nox will be partying with his younger brother Tyfah and DJ Tira in Kadoma at Odyssey Hotel tonight (15 July).

When contacted by this reporter, Nox declined to comment on his marriage issues and emphasised that he is focusing on his Zimbabwean tour.

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