Suicide pastor’s spirit haunts lover . . . Lover’s ghost pays nocturnal visits to place of death

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Suicide pastor’s spirit haunts lover . . . Lover’s ghost pays nocturnal visits to place of death Prisca Ncube


Shelton Masina

A Bulawayo woman is experiencing nocturnal visitations from a shadowy apparition which she suspected to be that of her late pastor lover who committed suicide four months ago at her house.

Prisca Ncube (21) complained that she was being visited by the spirit of her late lover Prophet Thembani Ngwenya who was a member of the Inhlanganiso Yama Nazaretha Apostolic Church.

In an interview with B-Metro Ncube said her dead lover’s spirit began visiting her soon after his burial. She, however, didn’t divulge events that led Prophet Ngwenya to commit suicide at her house.

“I no longer have peaceful nights because of my late lover whose spirit is always visiting me. The spirit shows up and sometimes it would just hover on the door while handing over keys to me. At times the spirit would be charging at me saying I should I leave it,” said a troubled Ncube.

She said her family had tried to assist her but to no avail.

“Sometimes in my dream I see his lifeless body dangling from a roof truss of my rented room where he hanged himself,” said Ncube.

She said it was a double tragedy for her as Ngwenya’s family and his wife she only identified as MaMoyo were also baying for her blood.

“Ngwenya’s wife and her relatives are always threatening me saying they will fix me. They are accusing me of having caused Ngwenya’s death and if it was not officers from Pumula Police Station who intervened they would have mercilessly attacked me,” added Ncube.

Circumstances are that sometime in August this year Ncube’s fellow tenant Munyaradzi Musakai (23) discovered Ngwenya’s lifeless body hanging from a roof truss of her room.

Ngwenya reportedly used a blue fleece jacket to hang himself and left a suicide note whose contents Ncube, however, refused to disclose to B-Metro.
According to a post-mortem report Ngwenya died as a result of hanging.

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