Suburbs Squash Club revels in hosting 2022 Squash Championships

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Suburbs Squash Club revels in hosting 2022 Squash Championships Zim squash team


Bret Kamutenga

THE Suburbs Squash Club is happy to have been the venue of the week-long 2022 Squash Federation of Africa Seniors Championships in Bulawayo.

Suburbs Squash Club was part of the three venues in which the Squash Championships took place. The other venues were Old Miltonians and Christian Brothers College (CBC).

The championships saw 12 teams Zimbabwe, Namibia, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, South Africa, Egypt, Rwanda, Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana and Tanzania compete against each other.

The manager of Suburbs Squash club Langton Gwidzima said even though it proved to be a difficult task to perform, they were privileged to have the club stage such a prestigious event that ended on Friday.

“The task of hosting the 2022 Squash Federation of Africa Seniors Championships proved to be very difficult because of the resources we had to put together. However, the hard work we put together paid off of which it was an honour to host these games,” said Gwidzima

Suburbs saw four club members represent Zimbabwe in the Championships with three in the women’s side and one in the men’s side.

Egypt dominated the tournament by winning in the team’s section, men’s section and women’s section.

Gwidzima said that it was a good performance from the Zimbabwean side. He also watched his son Ryan Gwidzima (16) finish the tournament in the top 10.

Squash is normally associated with the privileged in society and in that regard Gwidzima said: “As a club we understand that it’s a bit expensive for people to commute and come to Suburbs and also include the fees they pay to join the club. This hinders people from joining the club and also following the sport. However, we are considering talking with the Squash Association so that we find sponsors who will help us get this sport into schools and communities in and around Bulawayo,” said Gwidzima.

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