‘Subordinate fondler’ found not guilty

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‘Subordinate fondler’ found not guilty Emmanuel Dube


Danisa Masuku
A MAN who was accused of fondling his subordinate’s breasts and private parts while begging for sex breathed a sigh of relief as the magistrate found him not guilty and acquitted him.

The two are employed at a local school.

According to the State outline, on 14 February last year Emmanuel Dube found his subordinate in the bathroom and grabbed her from behind before fondling her breasts.

It is said the complainant informed her workmate about the incident.

Still “hungry” to be between the sheets with her, on 20 March last year Dube called the woman in question to his office and asked her to massage him.

After the massage session, he allegedly begged to sample her forbidden fruit, but she turned him down.

On 22 October, Dube asked the woman in question to massage him again at the therapy room and after the massage session he asked to have sex with her but again she refused.

The lustful Dube grabbed her before fondling her breasts and buttocks. Feelings got the better of him as he touched her sexual organ and asked for sex again, but she did not give him the goods.

The woman reported the matter at Kumalo Police Station on 19 November last year leading to his arrest.

Dube pleaded not guilty before Tredgold court magistrate Marrygold Khumalo.

After a full trial the magistrate found him not guilty and acquitted him.

The magistrate said: “The accused is discharged and accordingly found not guilty and acquitted for all the three counts.”

In arriving at the decision the magistrate noted that the report made by the complainant was malicious and lacked evidence.

“The court is of the view that the evidence of the complainant is insufficient to establish prima facie case. It is inconceivable that the complainant was indecently assaulted on 14 February 2020 and kept quiet and continued working with the same alleged perpetrator in the same office and the two were even involved in private therapy sessions yet she did not report the offence.”

The magistrate added: “The accused is alleged to have indecently assaulted the complainant again on two different occasions in March and October last year, but still the complaint did not report the matter to the school authorities or police. Surprisingly she continued working with the accused as usual. The complainant decided to report the matter on 19 November 2020.”

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