Stop waiting to be recognised

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Stop waiting to be recognised


As you wake up every morning (and before going to bed) you should already be thinking about your next step the next day. 

Having a considered career plan is often the difference between those who achieve their career ambitions and those who don’t. 

It is bad practice to work for years, waiting and hoping that one day you will be recognised. Instead be a firm believer in making it happen for yourself, and that’s exactly what you should do at each stage in your career. 

Just go back to college, attend workshops, network with a strong view to progress and advance your skillset.

Promotion doesn’t come to those who wait around patiently, it’s a reward for those who develop and execute plans of progression. They are won, not given.

Promotions are won, not given

Getting a promotion internally is often easier than it is by switching to another organisation to move up the ladder. 

This is largely because once you are embedded in a business you are familiar with the business’ values and objectives, while you should have also allied yourself with enough colleagues to help you progress to that next level. 

However, if you’re not getting the recognition you deserve — even after following the advice offered below — then do not be afraid to leave the organisation and seek a promotion elsewhere.

A study by Accenture 

A recent study conducted by Accenture found that fewer than half of all respondents were satisfied in their current job, but nearly three-quarters of them planned to stay with their companies. 

From my perspective, this is simply unacceptable. If you are not getting what you want from your current employer, then you need to think seriously about your career direction. But do not be too hasty, you have got a few options before you tender your letter of resignation.

Go above and beyond the job specification

Those who coast by, happy to just about tick all the boxes are rarely those selected for a promotion. In order to step onto that next rung of the career ladder you need to be doing more than fulfilling your current job specification. You need to be exceeding it and, not even just that but, covering future territory of the job requirements for your desired role.

Push yourself outside your comfort zone 

To get noticed you need to be pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, which you can do by saying yes to tasks and duties that you are not overly familiar with. “A positive ‘can-do’ attitude in the workplace will help you get noticed by your boss and other senior stakeholders for the right reasons, increasing your chance of promotion or a pay rise,” says Susie Timlin in her blog. 

Find yourself a mentor

Find yourself a mentor; someone more senior than you who is currently where you want to be in ten years. 

This person can give you regular guidance on what skills you need to acquire and improve upon in order to be eligible for promotion. The benefits of a mentor are two-fold. 

Not only can they offer you guidance and counselling, they can also be of benefit in referring you to senior management as a rising star — providing your mentor works in the same organisation as you.

Share your progress

Getting yourself recognised and making senior management aware of all the great work that you are doing requires you to raise your profile. The most obvious, although not the only, means by which this can be achieved is through direct communication with your boss i.e. a performance appraisal. If you have one coming up then perfect, this is your opportunity to let them know of all the progress you have been making and the ambitions that you have. Not everyone is comfortable with blowing their own trumpet, but if you don’t then who else is going to?

Building a strong rapport and understanding with your boss is key to you furthering your career.

Performance appraisals should not be the only times when you have frank and honest discussions with your boss. Building a strong rapport and sound understanding with your boss is key to you furthering your career — they are unlikely to promote someone they do not trust or believe in. 

This goes beyond just meeting deadlines and hitting targets. Be there for your boss and make it clear that you can be depended upon — not in a sycophantic way, however, as this will quickly cause resentment and unease among your colleagues. 

Be generous with your time

It’s not just your boss that you should be going the extra mile for; it’s your immediate team and co-workers too. By being generous with your time you’ll not only make yourself popular, but you’ll also be able to diversify and expand your skillset. Always be ready to lend a hand with others’ projects, implanting yourself within different departments in the organisation. This will help raise your profile, win you allies and develop your capabilities.

And if all this fails, look elsewhere

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to achieve a promotion, although the above methods will all improve your chances. If you are having no luck in your current business — whether that be because of” glass ceilings”, economic circumstances or lack of opportunity — then do not be afraid to jump ship and discover a more appreciative employer elsewhere. Even if this means relocating abroad!

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