Spice it up with that weapon

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Spice it up with that weapon


Nhlalwenhle Ncube

LAST week I made it clear that your phone must not be your world. One important thing a real woman should bear in mind is that what you do with your phone can either build you or destroy you.

If you could turn back the hands of time, do you still remember those days when all you needed was just a call or message from that one person to bring a smile on your face and made you to think you were the happiest and most loved person in the world.

Unfortunately after marriage, it all stopped because you rarely use the phone to communicate. Life begins to be lonely and boring at times, that is the reason you find your partner flirting with someone because you have left that gap. 

So the secret is to know that your cellphone is one of the greatest tools available to you for keeping the sexual simmer going in your relationship. Never relax!

Cellphones get a lot of flak when it comes to how we interact with each other in our relationships. But technology is a neutral entity. It’s how we use our phones that matters. 

Make it a habit and never stop sexting your better half. Most women often get it wrong as they believe it’s for couples in long distance relationships or those who do not stay together. When you are not together with your partner, it’s sexy to chat with him.

Most women only phone or text their partners to check where they are as they would be running late or a call to remind them what to bring home. Besides that, they have got nothing else to discuss on the phone. So if a man gets someone who gives him some attention and entertains him over the phone, they easily get excited and end up doing something offside.

Always know that your phone can be one of the best tools that you have to use in improving your intimate relationship. Never get tired of chatting and phoning your partner. 

I know some people at times claim they run out of what to say, but you can remind him of your love and even send him some compliments. In that way you keep the spark alive. Anything as simple as saying, “Thinking of you right now,” and many more.

Your better half should not be that kind of person who ignores your chats fearing that once he reads them, he knows his day would have been spoilt as you always send insults and complaints only. 

Just set your messages sporadically throughout the week at different times throughout the day so it doesn’t seem too formulaic. 

For example, set a reminder for 1pm on Monday, 3pm on Wednesday, and 10.30am on Thursday. Believe me, that will be sweet of you. Join the club of those women referred to as sweet. They do not perform miracles, but it’s about small things they do which are often taken for granted.

Let me get a little bit science-y/psychology-ish to explain the power of texting.There are two main kinds of pleasure systems that our brains utilise . . . the anticipatory pleasure system and the consummatory pleasure system. 

The first one is the one that you experience when you anticipate doing something pleasurable  like, “Mmmm I can’t wait to eat that/go on that vacation/have sex with her!”) and the second one is the pleasure you experience when you consume the thing (“Mmmm I’m so glad I’m finally eating this thing/on this vacation/having sex with this person!”).

The pleasure that you experience in the anticipation stage is actually cumulatively much greater than the pleasure you get from consuming the thing. 

Simply put, there’s a lot of goodness in the stage of looking forward to the pleasurable thing. So one of the best ways you can add more love to your relationship and more excitement to your life is to build sexual anticipation with your cellphone. You know what your partner loves and that outfit of yours which drives him crazy. Show them. 

Do they love a certain sexual act that you sometimes do? Allude to it in a text message when you know they are at work and will be unable to wait to come home and rip your clothes off. Stop that habit of being in the morning gown whole day. He leaves you wearing it and when he returns, he still finds you in it. It’s a turn-off!

Simply by pushing a few buttons on your cellphone you can create a private little fantasy world between you and your man where you can say or do anything without anyone else having a clue.

This new private little world cannot only serve you as a safe environment to open up on your feelings and desires, but also it will bring you closer together, creating a new level of intimacy and bringing back the playful and teasing aspect of a relationship that may have been lost.

Romantic and sexy text messages can create a whole new fun, intimate and sexy channel of communication between the two of you. It is a playful way to add spice to a long term relationship.

Many relationships are ending because of routine which has taken over, having passion and romance gone. 

Texting the right messages can bring back the spark to any relationship and save it from dying.

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